Synthetic vs. Badger: The Shaving Brush Debate

Synthetic shaving brushes make a shaving routine more effective, but how do you know which shaving brush is right for you? If you’re a fan of a good wet shave, you may already be using the shaving brush and shaving razor combination for the ultimate close shave. There are many benefits of synthetic shaving brushes over badger hair brushes, but what is the real difference between the two?

We’ve compared synthetic vs badger shaving brushes to settle the debate and to help you choose what’s right for you. With so much to choose from, you’ll hopefully gain a bit of knowledge as to which brush is better for both you and the environment.

synthetic vs badger

The main types of shaving brush.

There are four main types of shaving brush:

  • Badger 
  • Boar
  • Horse
  • Synthetic

Two of these types are the most popular. The badger hair shaving brush has been the go-to shaving product for years, and is still a popular choice for many. The bristle load of a badger hair shaving brush can determine its quality, with better products made from finer, more pliable hairs. The silvertip badger brush is seen to be the highest quality, but can become more expensive if installed by hand.

Synthetic shaving brushes are made with soft nylon bristles, making them vegan and completely cruelty free. Many people who have used synthetic shaving brushes say they’re much better at preparing the beard for shaving, which is good news for those who are strong supporters of animal rights.

Let’s compare…

Out of the two most popular shaving brushes, which one is best? Here’s our Synthetic vs Badger comparison.

Synthetic Shaving Brush Badger Shaving Brush
Cruelty Free? Yes - Synthetic brushes are
vegan and completely cruelty
free, lessening the demand for
badger brushes.
No - Even though the bristles
are tougher, they use natural
animal hair, which threatens
the badger population.
Fast Drying? Yes - The synthetic nylon bristles
aren’t very absorbent, making it
great for quick drying. The
perfect brush for travelling.
No - As the bristles are made
from natural hair, they absorb
more water, meaning they need
more drying time.
Economical? Yes - They are much cheaper
than a real badger hair brush
and produce results that are just
as good, if not better.
It depends - You can buy high
end badger hair brushes which
are expensive, but there are less
expensive options too.
Long-Lasting? Yes - Synthetic brushes are very
easy to maintain, meaning they
will last much longer than other
types of brush.
It depends - If stored
incorrectly, the bristle ends can
fray, but correct maintenance
will increase the longevity.
Effective? Yes - This type of brush builds
up a great lather and can even
be used as an effective
exfoliator for the skin.
Yes - As with Synthetic brushes,
badger hair brushes build up a
good lather and exfoliates the
skin too.
Suitable For All Skin Types? Yes - Synthetic shaving brushes
are recommended because of
their soft nylon bristles,
meaning there is less chance of
skin irritation.
No - There is the possibility that
some may suffer from irritation
with natural hair. Those with
sensitive skin should try
synthetic shaving brushes.

Synthetic Vs Badger - which will you choose?

There’s no doubt that both types of shaving brush will do the job and do it well, but if you’re looking at the specifics, synthetic brushes can offer more long term benefits. If you’ve made your mind up and you’re ready to find your next shaving brush, take a look at our website, or get in touch with our team if you have any specific questions. Call us today on 0114 270 0322.

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