How To Straighten Beard Hair

Beard hair can be unruly. While some men have straighter hair naturally, most of us have to tackle the frizz and curls when trying to perfect our beards. There’s nothing wrong with curly beard hair per se, but it can make your beard look messier overall. We have all the tips on how to straighten beard hair so you can take control. Straighten beard hair

Steps to Straighten Your Beard

Follow our simple steps to get a straight beard that looks great!  

1. Beard Wash

If beard hair dries out, it’s more likely to curl and become frizzy so it’s important to wash your beard with a soap or shampoo designed for your facial hair. Normal washes designed for skin or the hair on your head can cause your beard to become dry. Don’t wash it too often either. Over washing will strip your beard of its natural oils, again causing it to dry out. We recommend washing 1-2 times a week, depending on your beard wash. Check the specifications and recommendations on the back of the product.  

2. Towel Drying

When it comes to drying your beard, technique makes a difference in minimising curly and frizzy beard hair. Don’t rub your beard dry. This will cause it to tangle and can increase frizz. Instead, pat it dry or squeeze it gently with a towel if you have a longer beard.  

3. Blow Drying

When it comes to straightening your beard hair, blow drying is one of the best ways. The gentle heat gives you more control and allows you to encourage the hairs to lay how you want them. Ensure the blow dryer is set on a medium heat. If it’s too hot, it can dry out your beard, cause the hairs to split and also dry out your skin. If it’s too low, it will take a long time to get the job done and won’t be as effective at straightening your beard. Start with your neck. Use a beard comb to constantly comb the hair, applying the warm air to each area as you comb it. The heat helps the hairs to dry into position and the combing will encourage that to be straight rather than curly! Once you’ve done your neck, move upwards to your chin and then the hair on your cheeks. Once you’ve blown your hair dry, you should notice that it’s significantly straighter.  

4. Use Beard Oil

conditioning beard oil from Edwin JaggerEvery bearded man should use beard oil to keep his hair hydrated and soft. If you’re straightening your beard hair for a one-off occasion, you can get away without conditioning post blow-dry, but if you’re doing it regularly it’s really important to re-hydrate your hair after drying. You can minimise frizz in the long term too if you keep your hair moisturised and conditioned. Ensuring the blow dryer is on a medium heat will minimise damage, but constant heat could cause your hair to become drier and brittle eventually. After blow-drying, work a little beard oil into your hair using your fingertips and then a comb. Like with drying your beard, don’t rub it too much as this will cause it to tangle and frizz and will undo the work of the drier. Combing the beard oil through will help to soften the hairs and encourage them to stay straight and looking great.  

Beard Balm

If your hair is very unruly, beard balm might be the perfect alternative to oil. It has hydrating oils mixed with beeswax to both moisturise your hair and shape it. The beeswax will soften in your hands, but dry slightly harder in your hair. It can be a really useful tool for keeping your facial hair under control. Take a small amount of beard balm in your fingertips and soften it. Gently work it through your beard with your fingertips, followed by a beard comb. While beard oil can be left in, you have to wash balm out at the end of the day. Otherwise the wax could build up and cause problems for your skin.   Following these steps should help you to achieve a straighter beard that’s easier to control and looks fantastic!
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