‘Spring Clean’ Your Skin Care Routine

Spring is almost here. It’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, freshen up after winter and get ready for the summer months. And this needn’t just apply to your house! Freshen up your beard, shaving and skincare routine to feel great this spring with our top 5 ‘spring cleaning’ skin tips.

man in spring looking after his skin

Cut Out Bad Habits

Do you use normal shampoo on your beard? Scratch at blemishes or spots? Skip proper skin prep before a shave to save time? There are loads of bad skin care habits to cut out in order to clean up your skin care routine.

You’re likely to already know what bad habits you have regarding your skin, shaving or beard care, but breaking them can be a challenge! The first thing you’ll need is determination. Make a conscious decision to better care for your skin or facial hair and you’re more likely to do it than if it remains as a side thought.

Accountability can also help when it comes to breaking a habit. Get your partner to call you out if you skip washing your face before bed or if they notice you pulling at your beard hairs!


Don’t Settle

You’ll know if something’s wrong with your beard, shaving or skin care routine because you’ll experience discomfort or notice problems such as dryness, spots or shaving rash. However, it can be really easy to accept these problems as simply the way your skin is.

Spring clean your routine by tackling the problems. Don’t settle for discomfort or accept annoyances. If you experience shaving rash, for example, changing your razor to a DE safety razor or even changing your brand of razor blade could help to solve the problem (Read our blog on how to stop shaving rash for more tips!). If you experience an itchy beard, you might need to use beard oil or comb it more often.

Whatever discomfort you experience or problems you notice, there is likely to be something you can do about it to improve your skin care routine!


Try New Products

Whether it’s swapping your razor to tackle problems like shaving rash, or simply using new products to freshen up your routine, trying new things can be a great act of self-care.

You could swap the fragrance of your aftershave, test a new brand of beard wash or try using a natural sea sponge instead of a flannel to exfoliate your skin.

Swapping your products can actually be very beneficial to your skin. Your skin can become accustomed to certain substances that are in your products and therefore stop responding as well. Swapping things around helps to keep your skin looking and feeling great.



Keeping your skin and beard hydrated is really important. Moisturising your skin will keep it healthy, prevent skin cells flaking and clogging up your pores, and also help to stave off wrinkles as you get older.

Look for a facial moisturiser designed for your skin type (from dry to oily). Ensure you choose one specifically designed to be used on your face as they’re lighter than hand or body lotions.

Make sure you wash your face before moisturising. This removes dirt and sweat so you’re not going to clog up your pores. Then rub a small amount of moisturiser into your skin.

Properly moisturising helps to keep your skin soft and spot-free.


Sun Protection

Now winter is over, you’re hopefully going to see a bit more sunshine! It’s really important to protect your skin from UV radiation while you’re out in the sun. While beards can provide a bit of protection from the sun, even they won’t protect your skin completely!

When you’re out in the sunshine, make sure you use suncream. There are loads of different types of suncream, but protecting your skin from UV will help to keep it healthy years down the line. Sunburn not only dries out skin when it happens, but it can also damage your DNA and cause it to mutate, sometimes leading to cancer later in life. It also causes wrinkles and blemishes even years down the line!

Protect your skin using sunscreen and use lip balm with UV protection on sunny spring days and into the summer.

‘Spring clean’ your beard, shaving and skin care routine. It can make a big difference to the health of your skin and facial hair, as well as the way you feel!


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