Shaving Legs For Men: Tips & Techniques

In some circles, men shaving their legs used to be seen as strange or emasculating. However, it is now becoming a more widespread occurrence favoured by men who are tired of having an out of control jungle on their lower appendages! Recent polls have shown that many men are now choosing to either trim or completely shave their legs on a regular basis, signalling a move away from the outdated premise that the hairier a man’s body, the more masculine he appears. For example, those who have a passion for cycling or swimming and need to prioritise aerodynamics have long welcomed leg shaving into their grooming routines, and those who simply prefer the clean and smooth look that comes with a freshly shaven leg are starting to embrace the practice more and more.  Whether you’ve noticed your leg hair becoming unmanageable or you are getting into fitness and want to display your muscle definition in all its glory, The English Shaving Company have put together some valuable tips for men shaving their legs. 

Why should men be shaving their legs?

Of course, it’s not essential for men to start shaving their legs, but there are a number of reasons why it might be important to pay at least some attention to the length and condition of your leg hairs. 


Number one is hygiene - mammoth-looking legs may be your personal preference but if you leave your leg hair to get completely out of control, it can end up looking and feeling dirty and tangled. You don’t necessarily need to get yourself a razor and start hacking away, but regular tidy ups using beard trimmers can help to keep straggly hairs at bay and leave your leg hair looking somewhat in control.

Aerodynamics & injury recovery

Aside from the smooth and clean aesthetic that comes with having freshly shaven legs, many men do so for more practical reasons. It is proven that smooth and hair-free skin helps athletes such as swimmers, cyclists, runners, and gymnasts perform better due to the improved aerodynamics. The less hair on your body, the less friction with the air or water and the faster you will be able to go.  On top of this, having hairless legs makes it far easier to treat any potential sprains, cuts, bruises or other injuries that can occur allowing them to heal more quickly and effectively. For fitness fanatics and professional athletes, injury recovery time is key to improvement and getting back in the game. 


Another thing to consider is your career or future career path. For bodybuilders, personal trainers, dancers and even models where appearance plays a large part in your success, having freshly shaven legs can be hugely beneficial for displaying muscle definition and movement clearly. 

Shaving legs for men

Now you understand some of the main reasons why you might want to consider adding leg shaving into your grooming routine, let’s take a look at how to achieve a close and even shave. 

Prepare your skin

First, prep your skin fully. Have a hot and steamy shower to soften your hair and open up your pores ready to start shaving.  If you or your partner have an exfoliator lying around, you can take your skin preparation one step further and exfoliate away any dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. This way, your razor can get right to the hair follicles underneath and slice the hair easily without tugging on your skin and causing irritation. 


If you’re new to the world of men’s leg shaving, you can’t expect to go straight in with a razor and start hacking away at the long hairs. Doing so can lead to painful shaving cuts and you will end up with a completely clogged razor that’s unable to perform properly.  Start by using an electric beard trimmer to get your leg hair to the shortest length possible. If you’re happy leaving it at that, you may want to make sure your hair is all one length and settle for the trimmed look. For those that definitely want a full shave, getting your leg hair as short as you can with a trimmer means you give your razor the best chance possible at achieving a close and smooth shave. 


Once your hair is trimmed, you will need to apply a quality shaving soap or cream. Once worked up into a lather, this will help to add a protective barrier between your skin and the razor and enable the blade to glide smoothly over the skin.  Failing to prioritise using a cream or soap shaving product might seem like a small issue but it can lead to painful shaving rashes or even burns that are far more trouble than they’re worth and can take weeks to disappear.

Shave & recover

When it comes to the actual shaving process, make sure you can guarantee that your razor blade is sharp and hasn’t been allowed to blunt over time. A blunt razor cannot slice through hair as effectively which can lead to tugging that wreaks havoc for your skin. No matter which type of razor you use, it’s essential to replace the blades or the razor itself on a regular basis to achieve a close and gentle shave that doesn’t leave your skin agitated.  While shaving, rinse your razor as often as possible to avoid hair becoming clogged or tangled in the blade. Try to complete your shave in as few strokes as possible to minimise the stress put on your skin.  Once you’re happy with your hair-free legs and they feel silky smooth, rinse away any excess cream and moisturise immediately to lock in as much moisture as possible. The shaving process can leave skin feeling drier than usual so a daily moisturising routine is important to keep potentially scaly or flaky skin at bay. 

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