Movember Moustache Style Inspiration

Man with movemver moustache

November is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to get into the spirit of Movember. If you have decided to take part this year, it’s time to consider what style of moustache you are planning on growing. After all, you’re going to be boasting the style all month, so it’s important to prepare with a style you think will suit you the best. Keep reading for some movember moustache style inspiration from The English Shaving Company.

What Is Movember?

Movember is an annual event where men grow moustaches and do not shave for the entire month of November in aid of raising awareness of men’s health issues. This includes prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and male suicide. Starting in Australia with a small group of friends, Movember is now a global event where men all over the world dedicate the month of November to growing a moustache and raising awareness for men’s health. 

Movember Moustache Styles


The name says it all with this one, it’s a moustache that is shaped like a chevron and covers your top lip. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Selleck’ due to its popularisation by actor Tom Selleck, the chevron works best for men with coarse facial hair and can take a while to grow out. This style is more ideal for those with straighter hair so it grows out neatly. Although you probably won't be able to get the perfect chevron stache in a month, it can be a great time for you to start growing one and stick with the style if you like it! To style your moustache into a chevron style, take a comb and brush the hairs down rather than outwards, leaving no open gap in the middle of your moustache.


For those of you with slower growing facial hair, the pencil is a great moustache style to try out. Straight out of a classic 40’s movie, the pencil moustache is easy to achieve and completely possible to do within a month. This style does take a bit more grooming than some of the other moustache styles out there, requiring some assistance when it comes to getting it to resemble the straightness of a pencil. The neat vintage style is a great goal to go for in Movember, giving you the chance to flash back to the past with your moustache style.


Recently making a big comeback with the hipster trend, the handlebar is a popular moustache style. The handlebar moustache has curved ends that spiral towards your cheekbones, gives the appearance of a handlebar. These moustaches vary in length, though you do have to have quite a bit of facial hair to be able to achieve the full curved goal. Styling the handlebar moustache is simple. You just need a small dab of moustache wax to wind each end of your stache outwards to create the iconic curved ends. 

Help Your Moustache 


The official rules of Movember means you should shave all of your facial hair off on the 31st of October. This shave is really important as it sets you up for the upcoming month, and you want to make sure that you do it properly to avoid any uncomfortable skin. Shaving right will help you a lot in the first few weeks of growth, avoiding any irritating bumps or ingrown hairs. Make sure you use a quality razor with a sharp blade and a soap that creates a rich lather for you to work with. This will help to minimise any shaving rash and prevent itching. You should also follow up with some aftershave to help disinfect your skin and reduce the chances of infected hair follicles.

During Growth

During Movember you should take some time to care for your facial hair to ensure it grows well and looks great throughout the month. Investing in beard oil is great to help keep your skin and facial hair moisturised as it grows, leaving you with happy skin and a nourished moustache. You should also invest in a moustache comb and styling products to ensure you have a moustache everyone will be envious of. Maybe you could encourage other men to get involved next year by showing them how fantastic your moustache looks.

What moustache style will you be adding to your look this Movember? Let us know in the comments! Head to our Movember (3 Top Tips) blog for more information and advice on Movember.

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