Male Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Wondering what to get the man in your life for Christmas this year? Well, wonder no more! We’ve put together a Christmas gift guide for 2019 to give you the inspiration you need to create a wonderful Christmas gift! Keep reading for some of the fantastic gifts you can purchase from The English Shaving Company. Beat the December rush and busy shops by ordering online from us today.

Shaving Sets

Shaving sets are a great way to give your loved one something practical whilst it still being luxurious and special. No matter his style of shaving, skin type or aesthetic, there will be a shaving set out there perfect for any clean shaven man.

Safety Razor Set

For a man who loves a comfortable, close shave, opt for a double edge safety razor set. This traditional method of wet shaving produces a close and clean shave with a luxury feel. You can get sets that come with brushes, creams and stands, tailored to fit anyone's specific needs. There are also different sets at a range of prices, so there is something suitable for every budget.


Give a gift that smells as good as it looks this Christmas. Fragrance isn't always at the top of the priority list when buying for yourself, so it's always nice to receive as a gift.


For the clean shaven man in your life, aftershave is the perfect gift. Not only will it help keep their skin healthy and happy, it will also give them an attractive scent. Aftershave is used for its disinfectant properties to repair the skin after shaving, but having a scent is an added bonus, especially for a gift. Our aftershaves come in a range of fragrances, so you’ll definitely find something to suit the man in your life! From traditional bay rum, to old school floral fragrances, there is something to suit everybody.


For somebody more interested in scent than skin care, cologne is the best option. Cologne is a higher grade of fragrance than aftershave, containing a higher concentration, so perfect for anybody who is more interested in the scent than practical shaving benefits (such as the men in your life with a beard). Again, at The English Shaving Company, we have a range of scents to suit everybody! Browse our range of cologne


Gifts are all about giving someone something luxurious that they wouldn't normally buy themselves. This is why accessories are a great way to go when it comes to getting the man in your life a Christmas gift.

Shaving Brush

A shaving brush is a great way to step up a shaving routine! A good quality shaving brush is an essential part of achieving the perfect close shave. Not only does it help to produce the perfect shaving lather, it also lifts and softens facial hair to improve the overall wet-shave experience. We have a range of shaving brushes with different fills, including both synthetic fibre and badger hair. 

Wash Bags 

If the man in your life is already a shaving master and has all the tools he needs, why not get him somewhere to keep it all? A luxury wash bag is a great present for anybody who takes pride in their shaving routine and is looking to store it properly. You can also get a shaving stand for anybody who wants to keep their razor centre stage in the bathroom. 

So, there's just a few Christmas gift ideas for the man in your life to get you started! At The English Shaving Company, we stock a range of luxury shaving products, perfect for gifts. Browse our website for the full range of products we have available.

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