How to Look Awake in the Morning

We’ve all peered into the mirror to decide if we look as sleepy as we feel - and the results aren’t always encouraging! The snooze button or a large mug of coffee are tempting solutions, but there are some simple skin care tips you can build into your routine to help you look awake in the morning -- and feel more awake too!

look awake in the morning

Top Tips to Look Awake


Washing your Face

Three sea sponges in a packThis is the best place to start. It’s a good idea to start with warm water and rinse with cold, both to help you look more awake and to care for your skin. The warm water opens your pores, helping the soap to clean more effectively, while the cold water closes the pores again, preventing dirt from re-entering. The cold water also wakes you up and helps you to feel more alert.

It’s also a good idea to exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week. Exfoliating removes old skin cells and dirt, giving you a glow that helps you to look awake in the morning. There are exfoliating soaps that are effective, or you could use a soft sponge. (You can read about the benefits of natural sponges here!)

Be sure to use a face wash, rather than a normal soap, as these are more gentle on your skin and prevent drying out. If you have a beard, a beard wash is a good call as it effectively washes your facial hair and your skin.



When you’ve washed your face, use a moisturiser to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out. Moisturisers energise your skin and make it look refreshed, even if you feel a little sleepy on the inside!



Aftershave to make you look awakeIf you’re a guy, shaving can be a great way to look more awake. Appearing scruffy or slightly unkempt suggests to people that you’ve had a rushed start and emphasises the sleepy look.

We have a large number of guides on shaving that you might find useful from how to get a close shave to preventing shaving rash.

The ritual of shaving can also help you to feel more awake as the routine tells your brain it’s the morning and so triggers chemicals and hormones to wake you up.


Aftershave is a great final touch to shaving that helps you to look more awake. You can choose an aftershave that’s designed to refresh your skin and give that wake-up tingly sensation. The key ingredient for this is menthol. This Snake Bite aftershave contains five times the menthol of standard aftershaves!



Believe it or not, exercise is good for your skin and helps you to look more awake in the morning. Going for a jog, or just doing some squats in your bedroom, increases your blood flow. It brings more oxygen and nutrients to your skin, helping to keep it healthy in the long run and make you look more awake. It has an immediate effect too though; exercise releases endorphins and adrenaline which help to wake you up.


Drink Water

Drinking water is an important tip to help you look awake in the morning. Water is essential to keep the skin healthy. It’s common to be slightly dehydrated in the morning as you’ll have gone a long time without a drink; make sure you have a large glass of water when you get up!


Do you have any other tips on how to look awake in the morning? We would love to hear your routine!

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