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How To Match Your Beard To Your Style

Everyone has their own unique look. Showcasing your personal taste often means embracing a general style. From hipster to white collar, knowing your preferred style can help you to perfect your look and stay on trend. However, it’s not only about the clothes you wear; your facial hair is also an essential part of your image. Read our guide on how to match your fashion tastes with your beard to enhance your style.

how to match your beard to your style

The Perfect Beard

Everyone’s look is unique, but certain aesthetics call for specific facial hair styles to complement them. We’ve put together a guide on the trends you might spot in different fashion styles...


Although the hipster style has actually existed since the 1940s, millennials brought it back with new vigour and it’s still in full swing. People of all ages embrace this aesthetic, but it’s largely young adults in their 20s or 30s. Often featuring up-turned jeans and thick-frame glasses, like most styles it can be indicative of a certain way of life. Hipsters often value independent thinking, good coffee shops, art, indie-rock, creativity and, of course, banter.

Full and Well-Kept Beard

The classic hipster wears a full beard - the thicker the better. However, having a thick beard isn’t enough; it has to be well-trimmed and well-kept to really fit with the hipster style. You’ll need all the beard tools and products to get this look right including a beard comb, beard oil and some handy beard scissors.

Hipster style


Similar to the hipster style, this aesthetic is designed to differ from the mainstream. It might include men who wear skinny jeans or people who are strictly against skinny jeans - it depends on what the mainstream fashion trends are at the time! You’re likely to see a lot of black, band t-shirts, longer hair than the average man and sometimes piercings.

A Short Beard

A short beard is the most common alternative style. The shape isn’t always that important or defined, but it’s kept trimmed to prevent it getting too long. You’ll need some scissors or an electric beard trimmer to keep this look on point.

White collar

White collar style is the most common among businessmen. Featuring clean cut suits, white shirts and ties in neutral colours, it’s the ultimate high-brow style that’s elegant, tidy and professional. It’s the essential look for ambitious professionals who want to show they take themselves seriously.

Clean shaven

The white collar style has to be paired with a clean shaven look to keep the overall aesthetic tidy and clean. You’ll need a high quality razor, ideally one that cuts the hair below the skin to reduce the risk of a 5 o’clock shadow. Try using a double edge safety razor, shaving brush and moisturising shaving soap. Don’t forget to finish it off with a little aftershave.


The dad look features fun and easy clothes that are low maintenance. You might spot some straight leg jeans, t-shirts with embarrassing slogans and non-branded trainers. Dads are the heroes of carefree fashion and they have the facial hair to match.


The dad look often features heavy stubble which has grown out since the last clean shave. If you really love the stubble look, an electric shaver can be set to trim stubble without shaving it off completely. Otherwise, go for a clean shave but leave it for a few days before shaving again. You might need a more aggressive razor to deal with the thick hair though.


A stark contrast from the dad look, the skater aesthetic will often be accompanied with a skateboard and a sweeping fringe that needs to be tossed out of the eyes. Ripped jeans, open shirts over tops and skate shoes are key features of the Skater look.

Clean Shaven / Short Beard

Like the alternative look, a short beard is often popular but a clean shave works equally well. If you’re going for the beard, get some beard oil to keep it moisturised and hydrated. If you’re going clean shaven, aftershave splash or lotion will disinfect the skin and reduce the risk of shaving rash.

Skater style


Urban style is dependent on location and demographic, so it varies a lot. However, denim is one common feature as is branded sportswear. You might see some snapbacks, puffer jackets and skinny jeans, high top trainers or ankle-length boots.

What You Want

Facial hair is less of a contributing factor to the urban look and it varies a lot. You can have a clean shaven look, a goatee or a short beard and you’ll fit right into the urban scene.

Whatever your style, you can perfect it with grooming tools and products from The English Shaving Company. We stock all the leading brands to help you feel and look great.

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