Home Remedies For Dry Cracked Hands

Having dry or cracked hands that itch, swell or hurt can be problematic if they’re not dealt with in the right way and with the right products. Irritated skin might seem like a minor issue to those who have never experienced it, but it can get in the way of day-to-day life and severely affect the mood of those who struggle with it. 

There is a range of causes of dry skin - from environmental factors such as weather or routine to the dryness being caused by a medical condition. Luckily, once you understand what’s causing the dryness there are a number of home remedies for dry or cracked hands that can help to soothe and, in some cases, get rid of the issue completely.

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What causes dry hands?

There are a number of reasons dry hands occur, some of which are easier to fix than others. 

Medical conditions

Many medical conditions can result in your hands becoming dry or prone to cracking. Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis are all common skin conditions that can leave hands far more sensitive to the outside world and cause the skin to peel. It’s not just skin conditions that can affect your hands either, with diabetes being another condition commonly associated with dry skin.


Another element to consider if you’ve found your hands becoming dryer than usual is the weather. It’s highly common for our hands to dry out when winter hits and the air around us becomes colder and drier. It’s important to protect our hands and other body parts from cold winds and temperatures as our skin is unable to hold onto as much moisture. 


Last but not least, another key factor in why your hands may be dry is the environment around you and your daily routine. Whether you work primarily outdoors, you are exposed to chemicals regularly, or you wash your hands more often than most people each day due to your profession - day-to-day stressors on our skin play a huge part in its overall condition and health. Many hand soaps in public places like hospitals, schools and hairdressers use harsh and cheap ingredients which can cause your skin to flare up and crack after prolonged use. 

Simple home remedies for dry hands… 

While it’s impossible to avoid all the causes of dry hands completely, there are a number of dry hand care tips and easy remedies to try to relieve any irritation or pain. 

Hand creams or treatments

The most obvious solution for dry hands is to get yourself a top-quality, nourishing and rich hand cream. It’s far better to use hand cream regularly to prevent dryness than to find a heavy-duty one to fix your hands once you’ve let them become cracked and sore. Find an intensive hand cream that offers long-term hydration rather than a temporary fix and consists of naturally soothing ingredients like shea butter. 

Apply your hand cream at regular intervals throughout the day, always after washing your hands and when you start to feel the skin on your hands become tight. This way, you can avoid any painful cracking of the skin which can completely ruin your day and get in the way of daily life. 

If you can’t get your hands on any hand cream, using common household oils like coconut or olive oil on your hands can be just as effective - though they’re not as pleasant to apply! You can even create your own home remedies for dry cracked hands at home using simple ingredients like oats, avocado, milk or aloe vera to create a mask or soak for your troubled hands to sit in for a while. Applying thick layers of oils, heavier night creams or homemade ‘hand masks’ just before bed and leaving these to soak in overnight is a great way to wake up with soothed, calm and happy hands. 


One answer for how to fix dry hands is to try your utmost to prevent them from becoming dry in the first place. If you work outdoors in direct sunlight, in a profession that involves strict handwashing regimens or your hands come into contact with a range of chemicals during the day, protection is key. 

There are many protective hand creams on the market with a high SPF built-in so you can moisturise and defend your skin from UV rays at the same time. Or, why not invest in some suitable gloves? Latex, cotton or vinyl gloves are all viable options to wear at work or at home when carrying out tasks that involve potentially drying chemicals or hot water. 


Sometimes, underlying skin conditions need more than just off-the-shelf solutions. If home remedies for dry cracked hands aren’t cutting it, it’s best to seek advice from a medical professional. While many products on the market can calm down irritation, there are plenty of prescription creams that can treat skin conditions at the root of the problem and stop your dry skin from reoccurring.

Need home remedies for dry cracked hands?

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