Get Your Look On Point This Autumn

With the weather changing, you need to get your style ready for autumn. The English Shaving Company’s autumn style guide will help you feel confident and ready to go into the new season.

autumn look


If you choose to have a beard this autumn, you’ll want to make sure it’s looked after and kept looking sharp through the colder months. The style of beard you choose will be a personal preference, but everybody should make sure their beard is well cared for.

Trimmed & Tidy

Keeping your beard trimmed and healthy can really make a difference to your look. Trimming off the longer ends can take you from untidy and careless to put-together and handsome in minutes. The best way to do this is to use a comb against the direction of the hair growth and use your beard trimmers set to your desired length. If your beard is longer, you can use scissors to carefully shape and trim your beard hairs.

Clean & Hydrated

You want to make sure you wash your beard frequently to prevent any sweat and grime building up. If you don’t wash your beard, dirt and sweat can become trapped and irritate your skin and cause your beard hair to go dry. Make sure you use a proper beard wash so that you get the best treatment possible.

To keep your beard hydrated and soft, follow up with a beard oil. This moisturises your facial hair as well as the skin beneath it, keeping both healthy. Beard oil can also act as a styling agent, leaving your beard looking shiny and groomed. 


As the weather gets colder, our skin can suffer. In autumn and winter, skin is subjected to wind, rain and low temperatures. This can lead to stressed and unbalanced skin. This is why it’s important to look after your skin to get your look on point this autumn. 


The drop in temperature makes our skin more likely to get dry and irritated. When the humidity level outside drops and the air is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly. It makes your skin feel dry and tight, which is why it is so important to moisturise.

Moisturising puts the balance back in your skin. No matter if your skin is typically dry, oily or combination, you should always moisturise your skin. Not only will moisturiser keep your skin looking healthy throughout winter, it can help you in the long run. Your face is one of the most sensitive places on your body, and one of the areas you will notice aging. If you do want to reduce signs of aging, opt for something with anti-aging properties. 


Many people forget that you need to protect your skin from the sun during the colder months as well. Although UVB rays are weaker, limiting your risk of sunburn, UVA rays are still prominent. This is what causes wrinkles, premature aging and damage - all factors that will leave your skin looking tired and aged. Protecting your skin helps get your look on point this autumn and all year round. 


It’s time to put away the shorts and get out the turtle necks. Switching from summer fashion to autumn can be a tricky transition. Keep reading for some autumn fashion tips that will leave you looking stylish and seasonally appropriate.

Layer Up

Not only does layering look great, it also prepares you for the weather. Men sometimes get stuck in a rut of wearing the same jeans and shirt every day, which can become boring. If you really want to get your look on point this autumn, layer up with different complementary seasonal colours. A structured coat should be your top layer, leaving you looking fashionable and sophisticated. 


Something that can really help your look is adding accessories to your outfit. Adding a scarf can help keep you warm while also giving some extra style to your outfit. For something a bit more luxurious, there are many watches and jewellery that can help enhance your outfit. To get your look on point this autumn perhaps think about things you don’t normally when dressing yourself.

Do you have any tips to help get your look on point this autumn? Let us know in the comments below!