Things To Consider When Buying Beard Scissors

When you think of trimming your beard, you’ll probably bring to mind an electric shaver, or perhaps even a DE safety razor if you’re considering the clean shaven look. Beard scissors may seem a little daunting to use, but a good quality pair of beard scissors can help you to quickly and easily achieve the look you want. Getting used to the beard trimming skills needed to perfect your look is one thing that may take a while to master, but buying the perfect pair of scissors for precision trimming is something you can get right from the start. There are a few things you’ll need to think about before you make your purchase.

The size.

The right pair of beard trimming scissors can make cutting and shaping your beard so much easier. Generic sized scissors will probably not be the right size or shape, and may be too long to use. You need to ensure your scissors are smaller than a standard sized pair of paper scissors, but the optimal size will depend on the length of your facial hair. Shorter scissors are easier to control and keep straight, while providing easier reach to those difficult areas.

Your grip.

Grip is an important thing to keep in mind when looking for your next pair of beard scissors. Good quality scissors will come with additional features to help you keep your hand and scissors steady. Look for those scissors with a finger rest or comfort grips in the loops. Rubber stoppers can help give a softer cut.

The blade.

The blade quality is the most important part to keep in mind when looking for the best beard scissors. It’s important to ensure that your scissors of choice have micro-serrated blades for the best finish. This type of blade will create a clean cut through each individual beard hair, preventing damaged strands that can turn flyaway.


If you’re spending a little more money than you normally would on a good pair of beard scissors, then you need to look after them if you want them to last. If you buy quality, there is usually no need to sharpen your scissors, but you’ll need to take protective measures to prevent them from getting damaged. They will normally come with a protective pouch or case when purchasing them, but if not, you’ll be able to get one quite easily.

How to trim your beard.

With the right knowledge and a bit of practice, you can create the look you’ve always wanted. Here are some quick tips to help you trim your beard correctly:

  • Wash your beard. You should do this two or three times per week. 
  • Comb down your beard and wait until it’s dry. In doing so, any stray, untidy strands will stand out, presenting the perfect opportunity to neaten them up. 
  • Trim your beard with your preferred trimming tool. Good quality beard scissors can be used for precision.
  • Finish off your look with beard oil or balm, and even some aftershave to help soothe and disinfect, especially if you’ve had a close shave. 

We have everything you need to look after your beard.

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