Black Friday Shaving Deals

The official date for Black Friday this year is November 23rd, but you may have already noticed shops starting their discounts. The English Shaving Company have a huge range of discounts this year with our biggest Black Friday ever. View our guide to our Black Friday shaving deals or explore the website to find the offers on your favourite product.

Stock up on your shaving soaps, buy a new razor or get your gifts sorted for Christmas at the best prices.


Black Friday Razors

The English Shaving Company are experts in razors. We stock all the leading brands of double edge safety razors, electric and Gillette cartridge razors. Whatever your style of wet shaving, we have you covered. In our Black Friday shaving deals, we have a huge number of razors available with fantastic discounts. It’s the ideal time of year to invest in a new DE razor.


Double edge EJ razor

Green safety razor in black friday sale

EJ DE safety razor


Razor Gifts

Razors make fantastic Christmas presents, especially some of our double edge safety razors. Not only do they feel luxurious when shaving, but they also look great on the bathroom shelf. It’s a fantastic way to spoil the person you love this season.

Safety razors work as presents for both men and women and are an increasingly popular choice -- especially with people looking to be more environmentally friendly in their day-to-day lives. (Find out more about how safety razors can help you be more eco-friendly.)



One of the best ways to give a razor as a gift this Christmas is with the matching accessories. A blade guard helps to keep the blades dry -- and therefore sharp for longer -- and a shaving stand is a fantastic way to store your razor and brush. We have a number of shaving accessories in our Black Friday offers.

Black Friday shaving brush stand


Shaving Sets

If you want to go the whole hog, we have a range of shaving sets that make great gifts -- as well as being a fantastic way to treat yourself this Black Friday! Shaving sets can consist of various shaving items from a razor, brush and stand through to aftershaves and balms. There’s a perfect set for every person and every budget. In our sale, you can get the best value for your money too.

Chatsworth mach3 razor set

Brown razor set

Bulbous shaving set



Black Friday Beard Products

We’re not just shaving specialists; we are also experts in beard care and you’ll find a range of beard products in our Black Friday sale. Stock up on your beard oil or beard balm, or buy some presents for your bearded friends ready for Christmas.


Beard Oil

Beard oil is the ultimate moisturiser for your beard. Simply get a few drops on your fingers and work the oil into your beard. It ensures the hairs stay soft and your beard looks great. If your partner’s scratchy beard drives you crazy, maybe get him some beard oil -- it makes the perfect stocking filler.


conditioning beard oil from Edwin Jagger

Jagger Beard oil for Black Friday


Beard Balm

Beard balm is great for the gent that doesn’t just want a soft, moisturised beard, but also wants to be able to shape and style his facial hair. Balm combines the moisturising oils in beard oil with wax to hydrate and allow you to style your beard or moustache.


Black Friday Shaving Deals

We have a huge number of products in our Black Friday offers. Explore the website to see them all or get in touch if you want any advice about choosing a razor, brush or shaving set this Black Friday.

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