Benefits Of Beard Oil And Why You Should Be Using It

Beard oil is not necessarily essential for beard care, but is recommended. It is a product that helps to keep beards soft and nourished when they need it most. With so many beard care products on the market, it can be confusing to remember what each one does and how using it can benefit your entire beard care routine.

What are the benefits of beard oil? Here are a few ways beard oil can be a treat for your beard, and why you should add some to your beard care collection.

benefits of beard oil

Nourishes and hydrates your beard.

Beard oil works on each individual beard hair, making each one softer to the touch and much more manageable. The oil also works wonders for the skin underneath your beard too - your skin will absorb the oil, preventing it from drying out when washing it post-shave. Moisture is quickly replenished before becoming dry and flaky.

Prevents an itchy, flaky beard.

A dry beard will quickly start to itch. When you start to itch your beard, that’s when beard dandruff will start. The last thing you need is visible dead skin in your beard and on your clothes. Beard oil is great for keeping this under control, keeping the skin moisturised for longer.

Controls beard hairs.

Flyaway beard hairs can be frustrating. They can have a mind of their own, preventing you from keeping your beard looking smooth and neat. Using beard oil will give you much better control over these hairs, especially if you like to keep a straight beard. If you prefer a messier beard, beard oil can still make your beard more manageable.

Freshens your beard smell.

Most of the time, beard oils have a great fragrance to them in addition to their other beard care benefits. If you find that some aftershaves can be irritating or overpowering, a beard oil can give a subtle, clean, and refreshing smell that will last throughout the day. There are a range of beard oils with different essential oils added, so you can always find one to suit you.

Encourages beard growth.

From the nourishment of the beard oil, your beard hairs will be less prone to split ends and will help your hair follicles to become healthier and stronger over time. If you’re finding patches of your beard aren’t growing as well as the rest, you can use oil to keep your hair follicles strong and to help prevent any ingrown hairs.

Reduces skin inflammation.

People with sensitive skin can have trouble with skin irritation, causing unwanted inflammation in places. Beard oil is great for calming the skin down and preventing the irritation and redness that may appear when using chemical-heavy beard care products. As well as this, the right beard oil can also help prevent skin breakouts, giving a clearer complexion.

With so many benefits of beard oil, you should start using it straight away!

Beard oil is great for so many reasons and we think it’s a must for your beard care routine. If you’ve never tried it but think it’s something you’d like to start using, we have a range of beard oils available on our website for you to choose from. For more information about any of our products, or if you have any questions, give us a call on 0114 270 0322 and we’d be happy to help.

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