Feather Artist Club DX Shavette Razor

Feather Artist Club DX Shavette Razor
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  • Feather Artist Club DX Shavette Razor

  • Straight edge style razor

  • Favoured by experienced & professional shavers

  • Crafted from superior quality stainless steel

  • Pearly white super resin handle

  • Replaceable Feather Artist Club Pro Super Blades

  • Presentation travel case

  • Body: 145mm

  • Handle: 128mm

  • Weight: 55g


Feather are a renowned Japanese brand, famed for their world-class Feather DE Razor Blades and range of high-quality stainless-steel razors. The Feather Artist Club DX Shavette Razor is a straight edge style razor made with extremely high-quality materials, favoured by those who are experienced or professional shavers.

The body of the Feather Artist Club DX is crafted from top quality stainless steel, allowing for an incredibly close and smooth friction free shave. The superior grade of steel used is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, giving the product incredibly longevity.

 The handle is made using a pearly white, heat resistant, super resin material for comfortable hold and balance.

No stropping or honing is required for this straight razor as it functions with replaceable razor blades. The blade release is an easy to handle one touch spring mounded mechanism.

Please note, the only blades compatible with this product are the Feather Artist Club Pro Super Blades. In order to set the razor up in preparation for shaving, the blades are presented in a plastic contraption that attaches to the end of the shavette and allows the blade to be neatly injected into the blade guard.

Feather Artist Club Blades Pro Super are ideal for experienced straight razor enthusiasts to use with Feather Shavettes. Each blade features triple grinding for optimal sharpness and a double coating of platinum alloy and resin. Due to the unparalleled sharpness of the blade, they are recommended for those with particularly thick, coarse hair.

The blades are 50mm long, 8.2mm deep, and 0.31mm thick. In the Feather Artist Club DX Shavette Razor the blade exposure is 1.45mm, offering an exceptionally close shave.

To remove used blades, turn the blade holder downward and pinch the top centre of the holder. The holder will open and the blade will drop accordingly.

The shavette is supplied with a clear presentation travel case for convenience of using on the go. The product is finished off with the Feather Artist Club trademark for authenticity. 


Customer Reviews

Bought for my brother, he's extremely happy with the quality and build. Would recommend!
Review by Henry / (Posted on 01/06/2016)