Feather Artist Club SS (ACS-NB) Japanese Shavette Razor

Feather Artist Club SS (ACS-NB) Japanese Shavette Razor
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  • Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Shavette Razor

  • Replaceable blade non-foldable Kamisori style razor

  • Stainless steel head and non-slip black silicon resin handle (heat resistant up to 135℃)

  • 156mm total length, 44g total weight

  • Rounded tip and moderate blade exposure for a softer and smoother shave

  • spring-loaded one-touch mechanism in the blade head for easy disassembly and cleaning

  • Made with high grade materials

  • Part of the Feather Professional Artist Club Series

  • Very well balanced and manoeuvrable

  • Made in Japan


The Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Shavette Razor is one of the most advanced barber razors in the world. The Feather Artist Club series incorporates many years of manufacturing knowledge know-how.

The main body of this Japanese ‘Kamisori’ style shavette razor is made from high-class stainless steel. The well-balanced ‘roundness’ of the body tip combined with moderate blade exposure makes this razor less damaging to the skin and feel soft and smooth during use.

The non-slip silicon resin handle is gently curved to fit in the hand perfectly and is heat resistant to 135℃. The easy to use one-touch spring system for assembly/disassembly makes cleaning the razor a very simple task.

This Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Shavette Razor can be used with regular DE razor blades or the specialist Feather Pro Super Artist Club Blades. It is 156mm long and weighs 44g. Made in Japan.

Discard your used blades in the Feather Blade Safe Disposal Tin

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