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Double Edge Safety Razors

Our Double Edge Safety Razor Range

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A Double Edge Safety Razor, also known as simply a safety razor or DE razor, is the name for a shaving device with a protective barrier positioned between the edge of the cutting blade and the skin.


Double edge safety razors as we would recognise them today have been around for well over 100 years, with the first patent for the safety razor submitted in 1880. They would have been the razor of choice for your father or grandfather before the cartridge system revolution in the 1970s and 80s.


Recent years have seen a rise in popularity for this classic form of shaving for a number of reasons. Replacement double edge safety razor blades are considerably less expensive than the cartridge system alternatives, making them more economical for long term use. Only one blade and no lubrication strip tends to cause less irritation on skin prone to redness and itching after a shave. Also, due to the reduction in single use plastic, safety razors are better for the environment.


The English Shaving Company stock double edge safety razors from leading manufacturers including Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Merkur, Rockwell, Feather, Parker, and Fatip. We have both men's and lady's razors too!


Although there is a great deal of variation in terms of effectiveness, size, and appearance, double edge safety razors come in just a handful of different designs relating to the mechanism used for accessing the blade, and the style/aggressiveness of the head. The most popular mechanism is the ‘twist to open’ – this is often in the form of a three-piece razor where the base place and top plate that make up the razor head are removed entirely from the razor handle so the blade can be inserted in-between. Another form is the butterfly razor, where the razor head opens like a butterfly’s wings so the blade can be inserted. The aggressiveness of the safety razor shave is usually determined by the style of comb, or protective barrier, between the blade and the skin. The most common is a closed comb razor which offers the most protection between blade and skin, while slant and open comb safety razors tend to offer a more aggressive shave for those with particularly thick facial hair.


Double Edge Safety Razors are an excellent way to achieve a close, clean, and smooth shave without the unforgiving nature and difficult learning curve of straight razors. We've got a guide on how to get a close shave with a safety razor - check it out!