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Parker Semi Slant Razor Graphite

Parker Semi Slant Razor Graphite
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  • Parker Semi Slant Razor Graphite

  • Semi slanted razor head

  • Assembled by hand

  • Combined effects of slant razor with feel of conventional safety razor

  • Greater cutting surface

  • Mild shave

  • Intricate, textured pattern on handle

  • Weights approximately 90g

  • Measures approximately 11cm/4.5 inches


Since 1973, Parker have been a worldwide leader in safety razor innovation and design. The Parker Semi Slant Razor Graphite is a beautifully crafted double edge safety razor featuring a semi slanted razor head.

The Parker family-owned and operated business creates razors that are manufactured to the highest standards and enjoyed by customers around the world. All of Parker’s safety razors are lovingly assembled by hand. Parker’s goal is to help customers enjoy the most comfortable shave possible.

The semi slant design offers the best of both worlds, combining the effects of a slant razor with the feel of a conventional safety razor. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a razor that offers a greater cutting surface, alongside a mild shave.

Semi slant razors are an ideal choice for those with thicker, coarser hair, and those with sensitive skin due to its larger cutting surface area and the angle at which it shaves the skin.

The intricate, textured pattern on the handle not only adds an extra level of attractiveness to the razor, it offers enhanced grip to allow for increased control when the razor is used in the shower or with wet and soapy hands.

This product is incredibly lightweight, weighing approximately 90g and measuring approximately 11cm/4.5 inches. This allows the razor to be more manoeuvrable. It is made with a genuine brass frame and plated with durable satin chrome, alongside a textured graphite electroplating.

Very little pressure is required to achieve a satisfactory shave when using this razor

The graphite colouring on the handle is an appealing, classy colour, which only adds to the striking appearance of this superbly designed safety razor. It is sure to be an attractive addition to your shaving kit.

When paired up with a quality shaving brush and soap, this product will deliver a smooth and comfortable shave every time. This product is also available in chrome (Parker Semi Slant Razor Satin Chrome).

Customer Reviews

I own a few different razors, this one is up there with the best very happy with it, i will be purchasing an extra one soon for my travel washbag
Review by Jon / (Posted on 16/12/2019)
Now I actively enjoy shaving
This is my first safety razor. I went for this slightly slanted one as I've always had quite sensitive skin. It's no exaggeration to say that it took zero time to get used to using this and I've been really pleased to have consistently the closest shave by far that I've ever had (compared to my previous usual of a 4-blade disposable well known manufacturer). The weight and feel of the handle give loads of control and the metal under warm water holds heat which also feels good against the skin.
The other thing I like and didn't expect is that i feel like I've started to genuinely enjoy the act of shaving in itself.
Review by Mr. Pea / (Posted on 10/10/2019)
Semi slant
First slant razor I've used and really impressed.mild but efficient and easily achieves bbs with minimal irritation .A must have for the den gents !
Review by Colin / (Posted on 07/10/2019)
Parker semi slant
Stylish Very efficient razor yet gives a mild and smooth shave. Very good value for money
Review by Brian / (Posted on 26/09/2019)
Possibly my last razor
This razor is a revelation! Of course, if you are sufficiently skilled to hold your ordinary DE razor at a precise angle to the direction of shave you don't need it, but I'm not that good. It has taken under a week to achieve the perfect 3-pass shave with this beautifully constructed tool paired with Dorco 301 blades. I have a tough old beard which grows in all directions but this combo removes it all, daily, with zero discomfort.

You may miss the feedback as, when used very lightly (it's not a heavy razor) and with slow long strokes, I can hardly feel it. I guess that's because of the 'slicing' rather than 'chopping' action that the slant imparts. One word of caution, though, do remember to tighten the razor head after rinsing - I didn't on one occasion and redecorated the bathroom red!
Review by allsaintsvlad / (Posted on 11/09/2019)
Great face feel. Effortless Shave. Classy Razor.
First shave with Razor. Superb comfortable feel. No Razor Burn. 3 Passes were effortless. Nice heavy handle. Fantastic Razor, and for the money it beats the Merkur Razors.
Review by Steve. / (Posted on 06/09/2019)