Parker 29L Rose Gold Butterfly Mechanism DE Razor

Parker 29L Rose Gold Butterfly Mechanism DE Razor
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  • Parker 29L Rose Gold Butterfly Mechanism DE Razor

  • Butterfly twist-to-open design

  • Reminiscent of vintage razor designs

  • Easy blade replacement

  • Long "suregrip" handle: 110mm

  • Very close shave

  • Genuine brass frame

  • Okated with durable chrome

  • Overall weight approximately 90g

  • Compatible with all DE blades


Since 1973, Parker have been a worldwide leader in safety razor innovation and design. The Parker 29L Rose Gold Butterfly Mechanism DE Razor is a beautifully crafted double edge safety razor featuring a butterfly twist-to-open mechanism.

The Parker family owned and operated business creates razors that are manufactured to the highest standards and enjoyed by customers around the world. All of Parker’s safety razors are lovingly assembled by hand. Parker’s goal is to help customers enjoy the most comfortable shave possible.

The butterfly twist-to-open mechanism is reminiscent of vintage razor designs. Butterfly style razors have hinged plates that open when the bottom cap is twisted, allowing easy and convenient access to remove and replace blades. This also allows for easy access to the inside of the blade head to allow it to be sufficiently cleaned.

The longer, thin handle design on the Parker 29L series offers a closer and more controlled shave when the razor is used to reach harder to reach areas, such as when using the razor to shave legs. This makes it an ideal choice for men and women alike.

The intricate, textured pattern on the handle not only adds an extra level of attractiveness to the razor, it offers enhanced grip to allow for increased control when the razor is used in the shower or with wet and soapy hands.

This product is incredibly lightweight, weighing approximately 90g and measuring approximately 110mm. This allows the razor to be more manoeuvrable. It is made with a genuine brass frame and plated with durable chrome, alongside a textured rose gold electroplating.

Rose gold is an incredibly appealing, classy colour, which only adds to the striking beauty of this superbly designed safety razor. It is sure to be an attractive addition to your bathroom essentials.

When paired up with a quality shaving brush and soap, this product will deliver a smooth and comfortable shave every time. For a more neutral design, try the standard Parker 29L Butterfly Mechanism DE Razor.

Customer Reviews

In my opinion this razor is only for the very experienced user. The butterfly opening is a delight but I could not find the sweet spot for handling or placing the razor to my face
Sorry. I used this razor for the first time today - and cut myself (to ribbons) six times. It might be me having used the Edwin Jagger and Muhle razors which I love - so smooth and nicely balanced. It was chosen for the butterfly opening but in my opinion the "comb" is so offset and narrow I just could not help but slash my face.
Review by Nimrod / (Posted on 27/02/2020)