Parker 34R Ivory Shavette Razor

Parker 34R Ivory Shavette Razor
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  • Parker 34R Ivory Shavette Razor

  • Suitable for personal and professional use alike

  • Close, comfortable shave

  • Stainless-steel blade holder

  • Imitation ivory resin handle

  • Compatible with all double edge razor blades

  • Snap lock

  • Rounded blade compartment end to minimises cuts

  • Length: 146mm

  • Weight: 34g


Since 1973, Parker have been a worldwide leader in safety razor innovation and design. The Parker 33R Black Shavette Razor is a professional quality shavette straight edge razor, designed for professional and personal use alike.

The Parker family owned and operated business creates razors that are manufactured to the highest standards and enjoyed by customers around the world. All of Parker’s safety razors are lovingly assembled by hand. Parker’s goal is to help customers enjoy the most comfortable shave possible.

Shavettes are similar to traditional straight razors, with the main difference being that the blades can be changed in a similar manner to a safety razor. This means you can enjoy the pleasure of an extremely close shave without the hassle of having to sharpen your razor.

The Parker 33R has a high-quality stainless-steel blade holder and an imitation ivory resin handle. The design is also available with a black handle (Parker 33R Black Shavette Razor).

The razor is compatible with any regular double edge razor blade readily available in most supermarkets, pharmacies, and online. These need to be snapped in half and inserted as follows:

1. With the blade still in its individual wrapping, carefully bend lengthwise until it snaps in half.

2. Pull back the top hinged cover of the shavette and carefully insert one half of the snapped blade into place, using the location pins as guidance.

3. Carefully close the other half of the blade holder back over the blade until the snap lock is securely in place. A small portion of the edge of the blade should now be showing evenly. The blade compartment has a rounded end to minimise the risk of cuts.

Once complete, you are ready to use your shavette.

The overall length of the razor is approximately 146mm and the weight is 34g, making it easy to hold and manoeuvre.

Customer Reviews

Nice Razor, a bit tricky
I like the quality of the craftsmanship.
I am a little disappointed in the way the razor opens. It requires using some force with not much to grip other than the blade itself.
It may be that my razor is new and needs some wear.
Review by Rottem / (Posted on 28/05/2018)