Muhle Rocca R94 Pure Matt Stainless Steel DE Razor

Muhle Rocca R94 Pure Matt Stainless Steel DE Razor
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  • Muhle Rocca R94 Pure Matt Stainless Steel DE Razor

  • Extremely durable razor of the utmost quality

  • Classy matt finish

  • Superb grip

  • One free Muhle blade included

  • Comes in a sturdy, attractive box


Simple, strong, modern and distinctive -- the Muhle Rocca R94 Pure Matt Stainless Steel DE Razor is a fine choice to base your morning shave routine around.

'Rocca' is a type of Italian fortified stronghold or fortress and this name signifies the durability and rock-solid nature of this quality safety razor. With the right care and cleaning, there is no reason this DE razor won't last you a lifetime.

The matt finish not only looks classy but feels great in your palm. Muhle develop all their items in-house in Germany and this is unmistakably a razor designed and crafted by experts.

The design is a development from the classic Muhle razor model, featuring an ergonomic shape and a surface structure that feels particularly enjoyable to use. It is comparable to a honeycomb-style pattern and is designed to be a fresh take on the classic knurled pattern popular on many double edge safety razors, offering superb grip.

The handle is 95mm in length and 14mm in diameter. The weight at 80g is not too heavy, not too light -- just right. It is very easy to use and feel the 'bite.' This razor will provide a close shave and will arguably perform in two passes what many need three to achieve.

As with all Muhle products, this will arrive in attractive packaging. Your razor will be presented in a sturdy white and silver box with white sleeve. Included inside is one Muhle blade, but this razor is compatible with any standard DE blade. You will also find a manual with usage, cleaning and safety tips.

We also stock the Rocca model in BlackBirch Bark, and a completely Jet Black model. Pick your favourite look and know you're buying a high quality, classic razor each time from one of the biggest names in shaving.

Customer Reviews

Muhle Rocca Stainless Safety Razor
Lovely piece of kit - should last a lifetime. I have not shaved with a safety razor before but after 3-4 shaves it seems very natural - not even had any nicks! Not cheap but i'll only ever need one!
Review by martin / (Posted on 23/01/2021)
Muhle Rocca R94 Razor
excellent razor all steel not chrome plated just 3 pieces so easy to clean, I would recommend this razor to anyone. You get what you pay for, in this case pure quality.
Review by AL / (Posted on 15/11/2020)
Very well made. Feels right weight in the hand. Gives smooth close shave. This is a quality razor which is enjoyable to use. Using an Astra or Feather blade and good shave soap or cream the result is first class. For me I have no regrets at having bought this razor.
Review by Billy / (Posted on 10/10/2020)