Muhle Rocca R96 Stainless Steel DE Razor (Black)

Muhle Rocca R96 Stainless Steel DE Razor (Black)
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  • Muhle Rocca R96 Stainless Steel DE Razor (Black)

  • Stainless Steel construction

  • Black handle, closed comb head

  • Instructions included

  • Made in Germany


The Muhle Rocca R96 Stainless Steel DE Razor (Black) is made from stainless steel with a black handle. 

The name ROCCA is taken from the Italian for castle or fort, refers to the robust construction of the razor, which features a satin finish, and matt black handle with knurled texture. Manufactured from the very best materials, the razor will last a lifetime. Compatible with all DE blades, available from retailers worldwide.

Presented in smart, Muhle branded packaging.


Total length: 105mm
Length of handle: 95mm
Weight: 80g

Customer Reviews

Muhle Rocca
Great razor very well made very smooth shave, great customer service.
Review by Raymond / (Posted on 13/06/2020)
Superbly made, feels solid in your hands and a beauty all on its own.
Buy this razor and if it fits you, it will last you a long time!
Review by Andy / (Posted on 12/06/2020)
Great razor
This razor is superb! Build quality is just perfect, feels nice in the hand, not too heavy, not too light, just about right. It is and aggressive razor, I'd say it's closer to the R41 than to the R89. It only needs a shallow angle to use, but its super easy to feel where it bites. Been through a few different blades, most was fine in it, but my favourite is the Feather blades, altho I dont like Feather blades with other razors(feels like ripping my face off, literally), but with the Rocca it feels just right.
I get tons of feedback from it, both audible and feeling, during the shave, so it makes the routine very easy.
I have a small selection of Razors (Merkur 34c, Rockwell 6c, Muhle R41/89/Rocca), but I just use this now for face shaving all the time.

The only negative I can think of is if used for body shaving it clogs up quick, so taking off long hair (more than 1cm we are talking here) the R41 is more efficient and still my first choice for body shaving.
Review by KBB / (Posted on 03/04/2019)