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The Ockham Razor - Classic

The Ockham Razor - Classic

  • The Classic Ockham Razor

  • Designed & made in England from solid metal

  • Beautiful simple style

  • One piece handle takes Gillette Mach3 Blades

  • Made using Gillette Genuine Parts

  • Presented in minimal, recyclable packaging

  • Easy to clean - no joints or lines in the handle

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The Ockham Razor is made with a one-piece handle, precision cast in England from solid metal.

The simple ergonomics, balanced weight, and slightly longer length of the razor handle make it a joy to use. The sophisticated lines of the design also make it much easier to keep clean, unlike most other razors which have lots of separate bits of plastic and rubber that quickly get clogged up with soap and limescale.

The Ockham Razor handle is made in England using Gillette Genuine Parts, ensuring the best possible quality and a razor that will last.

Customer Reviews

Ocham s razor is the simple solution to a good shave
I love it—-it is all it is advertised to be. Great balance. Love the length of the handle very easy to use.
Review by Billlurus / (Posted on 19/12/2018)

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