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Tcheon Fung Sing Ciotola Rossa Shaving Soap 125ml

Tcheon Fung Sing Ciotola Rossa Shaving Soap 125ml
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  • Tcheon Fung Sing Ciotola Rossa Shaving Soap

  • Handmade in Italy

  • 125ml tub with screw top lid

  • Traditional Italian style soft soap

  • Bitter almond fragrance

  • Part of the 'Linea Tradizione' range


Tcheon Fung Sing Ciotola Rossa (Red) Shaving Soap has a classic fragrance of bitter almond.

Perhaps the definitive historical fragrance of Italian wet shaving, this soft soap can trace its roots back to 1945 where both the soap and container were designed by the company founder. Still made in-house making this a ‘zero km’ product when it leaves the factory.

Customer Reviews

Shaving cream
Lovely product,very satisfied with the lather & scent of this shaving cream,would highly recommend this product for value 7 price.
Review by Anthony / (Posted on 15/09/2019)
Leaves a bit more to be desired.
The casing isn’t the same as on the picture. The almond scent isn’t particularly appealing to me, but it fades after applying to face. It performs, but there are better options at the similar price range.
Review by Te-Chia / (Posted on 23/04/2019)
Nothing special
Annoyed by the non-waterproof labels on the tub, also it's no long in the old style tubs which is a shame.
Great smell, has a bitter almond smell (marzipan), enough for it to be pleasant but not over bearing. I could maybe do with it being a bit stronger but it's pretty good as is.
Performance is okay, nothing special imo. If you look at the ingredients it's a very simple soap so maybe that's why.
Now I just use it for smell honestly.
Semi-hard soap, easy to overload but not soft enough to be used like a cream for bowl lathering.
Probably wouldn't bother buying again.
Review by Tim / (Posted on 11/02/2019)
Great value shaving cream
Very good value shaving cream! It lathers very well and one doesn't need to use a great deal to get a lot from it. The fragrance is a strong, sweet marzipan and is pleasing to smell.
It works well using a rather open DE shaver and allows it to glide around the face with ease leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.
I think this shaving cream gives other more expensive brands a good run for the money, especially when many others are double or triple the price. Would definitely recommend!
Review by PM / (Posted on 07/09/2018)
it's alright
The fantastic scent of marzipan dissipates quickly as a minuscule amount of this heard croap is schmeared around a bowl.

The scent of the bubbles and lather is more akin to a tallow beast than a vege product but if they are telling the truth it is made without harm to our furry friends.

It's not Cella. I like Cella, but I think this is better. Much better, or maybe I just got better at shaving in the 12 months that have passed since my tub of cella just one day looked wrong

But as with all YMMV, I like Israeli Reds. I use them in Merkur and Edwin Jagger's just fine. I own an AS-D2, it's beautiful but a bit of a curates egg.

Review by Yossarian / (Posted on 23/07/2018)