Semogue 730 HD Silver Tip Shaving Brush

Semogue 730 HD Silver Tip Shaving Brush
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  • Semogue 730 HD Silver Tip Shaving Brush

  • Overall height of 102mm

  • Bundle knot loft of 55mm and diameter of 22mm

  • High density fill of the finest badger hair

  • Soft tips, but with a good backbone

  • Distinctive two-tone black and clear acrylic handle

  • Concave hexagonal shape for a contemporary look and improved grip

  • Unmistakable chrome ring and 'Excelsior' detailing

  • Made by hand in Portugal


Semogue 730 HD Silver Tip Shaving Brush represents the finest in wet shaving accoutrements from Portugal and is part of the sought after range of Semogue brushes filled with high density knots.

The beautiful, sculpted, two-tone black and clear acrylic handle features a concave hexagonal shape for improved grip, and brings a classic yet contemporary European appearance to the brush.

Finest badger hair has been used for the brush fill of the Semogue 730 HD Silver Tip Shaving Brush which has a bristle loft of 55mm and a diameter of 22mm where the bundle meets the handle. The overall height of the brush is 102mm. The HD stands for high density meaning the loft is packed with even more bristles than the non-HD model. The soft tips combined with a strong backbone make this brush suitable for all manner of soaps and creams - a great all rounder.

The chrome ring which features on all Semogue shaving brushes provides the bundle with extra support and adds a finishing decorative element to the brush. The distinctive 'Excelsior' branding on the handle completes the piece. Made by hand in Portugal.

Semogue is a shaving brush manufacturer from Portugal founded in 1955. A family owned and operated company, they remain faithful to handcrafted production processes and still operate out of the very same building in which the company was born.


In 1954, Lisbon businessman António Augusto da Cruz decided to create his own range of shaving brushes and contacted a company in Vila Nova de Gaia who specialised in manufacturing brushes for the construction industry. After establishing the production process and marketing the brushes, the business was a surprise success. Soon after, the owner of the brush manufacturing company decided to emigrate to South America meaning a new solution was required to continue manufacturing the shaving brushes. In January 1955, Cruz founded his own business in the city.

In 1975, the business was sold to long serving production manager, Francisco dos Santos Gomes who brought on board his son, Manuel Francisco da Silva Gomes, to collaborate and bring continuity to the company. It was at this point the company took on the name Semogue. In 2000, Manuel inherited and assumed leadership of the company, and Semogue remain a prominent brand within the Portuguese wet shaving community to this day.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent shaving brush. Extremely well made handle with high quality badger hair.
Creates a good thick lather especially when paired with Edwin Jagger shaving cream.
I would highly recommend this product.
Review by Richard B / (Posted on 30/04/2021)
Great Value

The brush feels softer than my Mühle silvertip shaving brush but not as soft as my Edwin Jagger. It did shed some hairs during the first few shaves but it definitely is a quality product. My only concern is that the chrome ring may rust or corrode over time
Review by Guillaume / (Posted on 28/11/2020)