Phoenix & Beau Spitfire Solid Cologne 12g

Phoenix & Beau Spitfire Solid Cologne 12g
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  • Solid beeswax based cologne

  • 12g

  • Portable metal tin

  • Signature 'Spitfire' fragrance


The Phoenix & Beau Spitfire Solid Cologne is a beeswax based cologne. Unlike conventional cologne, it does not contain any water making it ideal for travel, effortlessly passing through airport security. The metal container and small 12g size make it extremely portable.

To apply, rub your finger across its surface or use the back of your thumb nail to extract a small amount. Apply to the areas of skin you would normally wear a cologne, like the neck or wrists. The warmth of your skin will allow the full scent profile of the solid cologne to unlock.

Each application should last up to 2 hours. You can fine tune this by layering as little or as much solid cologne as you like throughout the day or evening.

Phoenix & Beau Spitfire Solid Cologne blends the sweet crispness of juniper, freshness of bergamot, woodiness of cedarwood with a base of warming leather and rich tobacco. An old fashioned and nostalgic scent of 1940s wartime.

Maximum 2 units per order

Customer Reviews

Good product, value for money, nice to use on a regular basis.
Easy to use with a fresh fragrance. Good texture and comes in a handy travel tin that easily fits in the pocket. Ideal for the office or travel.
Review by Neil / (Posted on 28/10/2020)
Good product but tiny amount
Quality product with pleasant smell. My only concern is that there is a very small amount..12gr

*TESC reply: Thank you for your review. The amount of product is clearly indicated in the product listing*
Review by kevin / (Posted on 21/02/2019)
My top 3 scent member
Purchased this along with Spitfire shaving soap, without trying the scent before ordering. Its my first foreign artisan product, and it was straight in the target. The scent is same as soap, very unique. Liked it from the first sniff.
It performes as the maker describes, up to 2 hours, sometimes i smell it more then that sometime less, i think it maybe depends on the climate, sweating and other factors.. Used it lots of times and its still 2/3 full. So it wont get empty fast.

I ordered one for friend who loved the smell and isnt into wetshaving..
Review by Stevan / (Posted on 14/08/2018)