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Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor Satin Chrome

Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor Satin Chrome
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  • Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor Satin Chrome

  • Two-piece adjustable safety razor

  • Solid brass frame for durability

  • Razor length 100mm

  • 110g weight

  • Compatible with all DE blades


The Parker Variant is a two-piece adjustable safety razor, ideal for beginners and experts alike. Easily alter the blade angle and exposure with the twist of the handle’s end cap.

The razor is manufactured from brass frame and plated with high quality satin chrome. Find your ideal custom shave between 5 settings. Setting 1 is mildest, and setting 5 is most aggressive. Total length 100mm, weight 110g. Compatible with all double edge (DE) blades.

Customer Reviews

Parker Variant
Well made, balanced razor with excellent grip. Blade location precise and aggressiveness adjustment positive. I tried a first pass on #5 followed by second and third passes on #3 with a very smooth and irritation-free result.
Delighted with this razor as I am with all my Parker razors.
Review by Peter / (Posted on 18/04/2019)
This razor is great
This razor is great. The quality of construction is top notch and the feel while in use is just right. After only a week or two practice I now get a better and closer shave than I did with the multi bladed plastic disposable things I used before. Plus replacement blades are only a fraction of the cost
Review by Gordon P. / (Posted on 01/03/2019)