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Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor Graphite

Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor Graphite
Product Code: PKVARGR

  • Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor Graphite

  • Two-piece adjustable safety razor

  • Solid brass frame for durability

  • Razor length 100mm

  • 110g weight

  • Compatible with all DE blades

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The Parker Variant is a two-piece adjustable safety razor, ideal for beginners and experts alike. Easily alter the blade angle and exposure with the twist of the handle’s end cap.

The razor is manufactured from brass frame and plated with high quality black and satin chrome, graphite colouring. Find your ideal custom shave between 5 settings. Setting 1 is mildest, and setting 5 is most aggressive. Total length 100mm, weight 110g. Compatible with all double edge (DE) blades.

Customer Reviews

Great adjustable razor
I was using a Muhle R89 Rose but needed something a little more aggressive. I have really sensitive skin sonit made sense to have a razor that could do everything, not many razors on the market to choose from (adjustables), doing some research this Parker ticked all the boxes.

Easy to adjust, setup and use with good weight and length of handle, doesn't feel as precise as my R89 but great results every time I have used it.
Review by Mark / (Posted on 04/10/2018)
Could not recommend more.
Fantastic razor. I am entirely new to safety razor shaving, haven given up on Mach 3''s and the like which were painfull and left a very poor Finnish.

I have the very coarse hair of a Welsh man, somewhat like that of a cave troll. So I was cautious to say the least about taking a razor blade to my mug.

After looking around and asking some questions I settled on this razor with some Polsiver blades....... Wonderful!!!!! No more pain, a good Finnish and at 33 years old this will save me money over time.

Setting number 1 gives the mildest cut and after a with the grain and an across the grain cut gave me the closest shave I had ever had, and comfortably so. I am now experimenting with different settings and different blades, I'm enjoying shaving........ which is a very weird feeling........ and a huge relief!!!!

And the English Shaving Company have been great. So I've just ordered some stuff for Christmas. Happy shaving.
Review by Just Adam / (Posted on 19/08/2018)

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