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Parker 94R DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb)

Parker 94R DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb)
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  • Parker 94R DE Safety Razor

  • Closed comb

  • Excellent value for money

  • Suitable for those new to wet shaving and experienced shavers alike

  • Nickel plated brass

  • Heavy weight

  • Length: 80mm

  • Weight: 85g


Since 1973, Parker have been a worldwide leader in safety razor innovation and design. The Parker 94R DE Safety Razor is a beautifully crafted three-piece closed comb double edge safety razor.

The Parker family owned and operated business creates razors that are manufactured to the highest standards and enjoyed by customers around the world. All of Parker’s safety razors are lovingly assembled by hand. Parker’s goal is to help customers enjoy the most comfortable shave possible.

Due to its ease of use and excellent value for money, this razor is suitable for those new to wet shaving and experienced shavers alike.

The razor is crafted from nickel plated brass for durability. The detailed diamond engraved handle design gives the razor an aesthetically pleasing appearance and enhanced wet grip. The pattern extends down right to the bottom of the razor, leaving no part of the handle smooth and therefore at risk of becoming slippery.

The handle is the standard shorter handle length, measuring approximately 76mm. This handle length is the traditional length expected from a safety razor, making this model quite similar to the traditional Merkur 34C DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb).

The overall length of the razor is approximately 80mm in length and weighs approximately 85g, making it a relatively heavy weight razor.

Any double edge razor blades will fit this razor, allowing the user to pair it with their favoured brand or to try out several brands to discover which suits them best. When paired up with a quality shaving brush and soap, this product will deliver a smooth and comfortable shave every time. The blades can be recycled after use, making this a popular choice for those looking to cut down on plastic waste.

Customer Reviews

Really impressed

1st double edge razor I was a bit worried because I thought I would be covered in cuts but this was brilliant from the from the off off really close and safe I used shaving oil and got a great shave wouldn't go back to cartridge razor
Review by Jonty / (Posted on 22/05/2020)
Excellent Parker
Excellent razor, Excellent shave, Excellent English Shaving Company.
Review by P.I. / (Posted on 05/02/2020)
Quality product at a great price.
Excellent shave, great balance.
Review by Kip / (Posted on 22/09/2019)
Awesome Parker!
The Parker 94R is solid and heavy short handle razor. I didn’t know if I would like it, but was surprised that it turned out to be my go to razor! Paired with an Astra blade you will get a medium aggressive shave that will leave you with a smooth and no irritation face. I am basing this strictly from my experience. The handle is super grippy even when wet. The English Shaving Company is great too.
Review by Rk516 / (Posted on 24/05/2019)
A great first razor
I have always wet shaved, but am new to the delights of a Safety Razor.

I didn't want to spend too much cash in setting myself up, and the reveiws on this razor were great.

The razor is well made, and finished to a high standard.

The razor is reassuringly heavy, and you can let it do the work, with no need to press on.

I find the short handle a little trublesome especially when shaving against the grain on my neck, my hand seems to get in the way. This is a minor beef and doesn't really detract from the overall quality and feel.

All in all a great first razor.
Review by Simon / (Posted on 08/02/2019)
Efficiency is the middle name of this razor.
If you are looking for an efficient razor with great quality, good weight, great balance and firm grip on your hand, look no further. You are going to have a DFS shave with 2 passes even with a mild blade, and you can easily use it as a daily driver. The best part is that you are feeling the blade on your face, but in a mild way. Maneuverable and forgiving but relentless with the whiskers at the same time.
I didn't expect a razor to climb so easily in my top-5 list, (vintage and new), but this Parker truly deserves all credits!
Review by GeoKan / (Posted on 18/06/2018)