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Parker 94R DE Razor

Parker 94R DE Razor
Product Code: PKR94R

  • Nickel plated brass frame for longevity

  • Weight: 85g

  • Patterned handle for additional grip

  • Standard 3 inch long handle with great balance

  • Suitable for amateur or experts

  • Compatible with all DE blades

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The Parker 94R is an outstanding razor. With a traditional but heavy "short handle" design that provides superb balance and accuracy. A stunning patterned handle provides additional grip.

Customer Reviews

Efficiency is the middle name of this razor.
If you are looking for an efficient razor with great quality, good weight, great balance and firm grip on your hand, look no further. You are going to have a DFS shave with 2 passes even with a mild blade, and you can easily use it as a daily driver. The best part is that you are feeling the blade on your face, but in a mild way. Maneuverable and forgiving but relentless with the whiskers at the same time.
I didn't expect a razor to climb so easily in my top-5 list, (vintage and new), but this Parker truly deserves all credits!
Review by GeoKan / (Posted on 18/06/2018)

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