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Natural Sea Sponge Company Olive Wood Nail Brush

Natural Sea Sponge Company Olive Wood Nail Brush
Product Code: NSNB

  • Natural Sea Sponge Company Olive Wood Nail Brush

  • Made from Mediterranean olive wood

  • Dual sided rows of extra stiff bristle

  • Softens cuticles

  • Stimulates nail bed for growth

  • Exfoliates hands

  • Unique distinctive grain & rich depth of colour

  • Water resistant qualities

  • 9.5 x 4.5 x 4cms

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The Natural Sea Sponge Company are at the forefront of ethical sourcing and manufacture of grooming products, specialising in certified wooden products and organic loofahs. The Natural Sea Sponge Company Olive Wood Nail Brush is a timeless grooming tool, carved from Mediterranean olive wood.

This product features a dual sided row of extra stiff natural bristles, designed to produce a deep clean for nails. It will work towards softening cuticles, stimulating the nail bed, and encouraging healthy nail growth. All of these processes will strengthen nails, allowing them to be as healthy and visually appealing as possible.

Alongside assisting with the health of nails, this nail brush can be used to exfoliate hands to remove hard skin and calluses, which will improve circulation to allow for youthful looking skin.

The wood used to craft this product has a unique distinctive grain and rich depth of colour, which creates a stripped back, natural, classic design of brush. It is rare to find brushes made from olive wood as the trees tend to grow and thrive for many hundreds of years. The Natural Sea Sponge Company stick to their eco-friendly ethos and only use the wood from olive trees that have reached the end of their fruitful life.

The ergonomic design is most efficient at achieving its aims. Due to the nature of the wood sourced, every brush will have its own unique personality and qualities.

The nail brush has natural water-resistant qualities due to the density and natural oils found in olive wood, allowing it to be a long-lasting product that will continue to thrive after many uses.

For best results, simply brush the bristles against nails and skin in a gentle but firm manner. Either push the bristles back and forth or move around in a circular motion. To guarantee longevity of the product, from time to time wash the brush with warm soapy water and leave to air dry naturally with bristles facing down to drain away the water.

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