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Merkur Progress Long Handle DE Safety Razor (Adjustable)

Merkur Progress Long Handle DE Safety Razor (Adjustable)
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  • Merkur Progress Long Handle DE Safety Razor (Adjustable)

  • Made in Germany


  • One Merkur Super Platinum DE Razor Blade included

  • Overall length: 105mm

  • Handle length: 84mm

  • Weight: 100g


Founded in 1906, Dovo Merkur are a German based company producing some of the most renowned shaving implements in the industry. The Merkur Progress Adjustable DE Safety Razor (Long Handle) is a double edge safety razor with an easy to use mechanism that allows the blade angle and exposure to be adjusted.

  • Overall length: 105mm
  • Handle length: 84mm
  • Weight: 100g

Adjustable razors have a dial at the bottom of the handle with different settings that can be selected to alter the blade gap and exposure. This allows the user to try the different variables to find the setting that works best on their hair and skin.

This feature allows for either a milder or more aggressive shave depending on the user’s personal preference and needs, making it suited to those new to using a traditional razor and experienced shavers alike. This razor features five different shave settings to choose from, with one being the mildest and five being the most aggressive.

This razor includes one Merkur Super Platinum DE Razor Blade to get you started. These blades are known for their unparalleled sharpness that offers a glidingly smooth shave. All DE razor blades are a standardised size and shape and therefore any DE blades you purchase will be compatible with this razor.

The Merkur Progress design has been around since 1955, setting the standard for the ever-popular adjustable razor. The design remains very similar to the original model, demonstrating how it has remained a firm favourite within the industry for many years without much need for alteration.

The handle features a retro style large scalloped line design, giving it a classic appearance and enhanced wet grip. The adjustable imitation ivory dial sits at the bottom of the razor and is operated with a twist function for ease of use. The Merkur Progress Adjustable DE Safety Razor is also available in a short handle design: Merkur Progress Adjustable Short Handle DE Safety Razor (Adjustable).

The product is presented in a thick cardboard box, featuring the classic Merkur branding for authenticity.

Merkur have long been respected in the shaving industry due to the many years of quality craftsmanship they use to create some of the highest precision razors on the market. When you purchase a Merkur razor, you acquire a piece of the highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day.