Merkur Moustache Razor

Merkur Moustache Razor
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  • Merkur Moustache Razor

  • Made in Germany

  • Three-piece double edge safety razor

  • Designed for shaping moustache hair

  • Narrow head design

  • Long handle 

  • Razor length: 75mm

  • Head measurements: 25mm x 20mm x 8mm


Founded in 1906, Dovo Merkur are a German based company producing some of the most renowned shaving implements in the industry. The Merkur Moustache Razor is a three-piece double edge safety razor, designed especially for shaping moustache hair.

Merkur have long been respected in the shaving industry due to the many years of quality craftsmanship they use to create some of the highest precision razors on the market.

The Merkur Moustache Razor is ideal for those looking for a razor that will allow for close and precise shaving when it comes to shaping your moustache, beard, and sideburns. Due to the narrow design of the head, the razor can access tighter spots than a regular double edge razor, providing an accurate and tidy result with sharp beard lines every time.

The razor is lightweight with a longer handle design, making the overall length of the razor 75mm. The head has two widths of blade exposure for greater flexibility of use. The measurements of the head are 25mm x 20mm x 8mm, allowing it to fit into areas a standard double edge safety razor cannot reach.

The razor is chrome plated to assist with the longevity of the product.

Though this item is specifically designed for trimming beards and moustaches, it has also been said to work well for shaping eyebrows.

Merkur Moustache Razor Blades (10 Pack) are the only blades compatible with this razor. One blade is included with this purchase to get you started. The used blades can be safely recycled in a blade disposal tin or a makeshift tin of your preference.

The product is presented in a thick cardboard box, featuring the classic Merkur branding for authenticity.

When you purchase a Merkur razor, you acquire a piece of the highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day.

Customer Reviews

Buyer beware
A nice idea.... A tiny razor which enables very precise detailing and shaping of sideburns, moustaches, goatees.

However a promising idea is let down by the fact that the razor just doesn't work. It either pulls whiskers longer than a few mm or refuses to cut anything of stubble length.

If only I had seen the negative reviews elsewhere about blunt blades (no option to use another make as the blades are a specific shape).

Why Merkur haven't taken on board the blunt blade issue is beyond me. In it's current format the razor is virtually unfit for purpose. The only reason that I am hanging on to mine is the vain hope that one day Merkur will address the blade issue.
Review by Steve S / (Posted on 06/07/2017)