Kent Large Handmade Comb

Kent Large Handmade Comb
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  • Kent Large Handmade Comb

  • British manufacturing heritage

  • World's oldest hairbrush manufacturer

  • Specialist comb

  • Ideal for grooming and maintaining all hair types

  • Stimulates hair follicles

  • Tactile, flexible, durable

  • Perfectly rounded teeth

  • Timeless tortoiseshell design

  • Larger comb for enhanced grip


Kent are renowned for their outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer. The Kent Large Handmade Comb is a specialist comb, ideal for grooming and maintaining all hair types.

This handmade, saw-cut comb is made from large sheets of cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants that has been found to create less static in hair. Using this material allows the comb to be particularly tactile, flexible, and durable.

The teeth in the comb are perfectly rounded as a result of being hand polished and buffed, offering a smooth and comfortable glide that eliminates the risk of damaging hair or skin. The smooth teeth stimulate the natural oils inside the hair cuticles as your hair is combed and it is this oil that encourages the cuticles on each hair to lie flat, creating strong, healthy, and shiny hair.

This comb is ideal for hair that is particularly thick and long. It will work equally as efficiently on straight or wavy hair and is a good choice for those looking for a comb that will work particularly well when combing through wet hair. This makes it a popular choice for both personal and professional use alike.

The comb is suitable to use on hair that is dry, coarse, or particularly fine.

The design is a classic tortoiseshell style, giving it a traditional feel and a timeless appearance.

The overall length of the comb is approximately 192mm x 35mm. This makes it one of the larger Kent comb options, offering enhanced grip.

For a smaller comb option, try the Kent Medium Size Handmade Comb.

Kent are extremely proud of their British manufacturing heritage and only produce world class products – without compromise. Formerly G.B. Kent, they have been manufacturing finest hairbrushes and combs in England since 1777.

Customer Reviews

Great Comb.
It is a comb, not much more to say. Excellent build quality as you'd expect from Kent, teeth are smooth and even. It worked great when giving myself a home haircut. Can highly recommend.
Review by James / (Posted on 05/12/2020)
Professional comb
Best combs on the market. Well worth the money
Review by Chris / (Posted on 18/01/2019)
Me encantó esta peineta. Nunca había usado una así. No es tan gruesa como temía y cuando me peine tampoco esperaba tanta suavidad. Ssu tamaño es perfecto para mí, además de sentirse muy cómoda en la mano. La recomiendo para cualquier tipo de cabello.
Review by Mauricio / (Posted on 11/10/2018)