Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Toe Nail Clipper

Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Toe Nail Clipper
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  • Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Toe Nail Clipper

  • Stainless steel

  • Non-rust

  • Long lasting investment

  • Withstand regular use

  • Satin finish

  • Popular for personal and professional use alike

  • Offers a smooth and precise cut

  • Small and convenient for travel


Founded in 1926, Hans Kniebes quickly established itself as a respected supplier of upscale cutlery and blades and developed a fine reputation for Solingen instruments. Nail care instruments are part of their core range, alongside other grooming instruments. The Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Toe Nail Clipper is a high-quality grooming tool, offering incredibly precise nail trimming.

Preservation of their high-quality standards is the number one goal for Hans Kniebes. They aim to combine this quality with innovative and attractive design and offer excellent value for money for the cutting-edge instruments they produce.

This toe nail clipper is robustly constructed from satin finish stainless steel and beautifully engineered to cut cleanly and accurately time and time again.

The quality of the steel used eliminates the risk of rusting, meaning these clippers are designed to be a long-lasting investment that will withstand regular use across many years.

Due to the high quality of this product, the clippers are popular for both personal and professional use alike. They go through an extensive quality check before they are sent out to ensure every single item meets the expected high standards Hans Kniebes have come to be associated with in the industry.

For best results, simply flip the lever, turn 180° and pinch the nail using slight pressure to ensure a smooth and precise cut. This product is designed to achieve particularly smooth nail edges that are unlikely to catch once finished off with a nail file.

The clippers measure approximately 60mm x 15mm, making them convenient to carry around for use when travelling. For clippers designed to trim finger nails, try the Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Finger Nail Clipper.

The clippers are packaged in a sealed plastic sleeve to ensure they are not damaged during transit and do not run the risk of causing accidental injury upon delivery.

Customer Reviews

Very good product
I think this thing is going to last forever. Nice and sharp clipper
Review by ILIA / (Posted on 31/10/2020)
Good tool
Very sharp and precise. After the first use I have a tiny doubt about the form - a bit too round for me unless it's for a dwarf tiny toes. Let's see...
Review by Piotr / (Posted on 05/11/2018)