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Geo F Trumper Alum Block

Geo F Trumper Alum Block
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  • Geo F Trumper Alum Block

  • Antiseptic aftershave

  • Medicinal healing qualities

  • Natural and paraben free

  • Reduces redness and razor burn

  • Tightens pores

  • Stems bleeding

  • Leaves skin soft and smooth

  • Great value

  • Store in dry place for longer product lifespan


Geo. F. Trumper are renowned for being the world’s most celebrated gentlemen’s hairdresser since the middle of the 19th century. The Geo F Trumper Alum Block is a natural, paraben-free product that has a styptic effect, closing the pores and offering post-shave comfort.

Alum is the original antiseptic aftershave made with natural potassium alum. It is a type of chemical compound that has been used in alchemy for hundreds of years due to its medicinal healing qualities, giving it the ability to reduce redness and razor burn. It can also encourage faster healing of any cuts caused by wet shaving by constricting blood vessels and tightening pores.

Traces of alum can be found in some shaving soaps and creams in order to elevate comfort during shaving but applying a pure alum block to skin post-shave will offer the highest level of relief.

For best results, begin by washing away any remaining shaving soap on your face. Moisten the block with cold water to assist with closing pores, then rub the block on to the area requiring post-shave comfort (external use only). When applied properly, the block should simply glide over the skin with ease and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

It’s likely the user will feel a slight tingling sensation during use. This is simply due to the astringent qualities and is to be expected.

After use, rinse the alum block and pat it dry. Store in a dry area. For an alternative alum block, try the Edwin Jagger Alum Block.

Alum blocks are soluble in water, so the block will eventually wear out but is designed to be long lasting. Alum blocks that are thoroughly dried after use and stored away correctly will have a longer lifespan.

This alum block is packaged in a plastic case to keep it dry between uses and comes in a Geo F Trumper branded thick cardboard box for authenticity.

All Geo. F. Trumper products are a beautiful addition to your grooming kit, featuring eye-catching branding and classic artwork that demonstrates the combination of modern and traditional that makes Trumper one of the leading names within the wet shaving industry.


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