Fatip Small Nickel DE Safety Razor

Fatip Small Nickel DE Safety Razor
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Fatip Small Nickel DE Safety Razor

  • Classic three piece safety razor

  • Open comb head

  • Made from brass and nickel plated

  • Well balanced and easy to use

  • Small, with a total length of 80mm

  • Made in Italy



The Fatip Small (Piccolo) Nickel DE Safety Razor is a classic three piece safety razor distinguished by the traditional Greek column design of the handle.

The knurled end cap facilitates the unscrewing of the razor head. The body of the razor is made from brass and finished with a nickel plating

Perfectly balanced and easy to use, the open comb head is suitable for a slightly more aggressive shave, and will provide an accurate, clean, and close shave to all lengths of facial hair. A modern classic, made in Italy.


  • Weight: 70g
  • Total length – 80mm
  • Handle length – 71mm
  • Head width – 42mm




Customer Reviews

The Fatip appreciation Society.
After purchasing the fatip grand a little while ago I was so blown away with how smooth it shaved, I decided to get the small fatip Piccolo. just shaved with it and like its big brother it did not disappoint. The fatip razors are not as aggressive as you may think, they give a very comfortable irritation free shave. I have eight other razors some costing four times the price of the Fatip but the Fatip beats them all hands down. I knocked a star off for Quality as the finish on the head had some sharp bits but nothing major, the blade alignment was spot on, if Fatip made a stainless Version I would not hesitate to buy it at what ever cost because you won't get a better shave for anything near this price. Don't worry about the reviews on blade alignment ae these are now the new version and that problem has been sorted out.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 27/11/2019)
Aggressive but smooth!
Used it for two weeks now. More aggressive than my Edwin Jagger DE87 (which I still enjoy and have used for two years) so for me it provides a closer shave on the first pass. A good weight to it and the handle is a good length too, despite looking short when i took it out of the box!
Review by George / (Posted on 19/01/2019)
Nice Little Razor
Gives a good close shave and feels quiet heavy for the size of the razor went for the nickle coating which gives it a nice vintage look, I found the handle quiet sharp but this actually gives a better grip when hands are wet, I'm used to razors with much longer handles than this but the shorter handle is quiet easy to get used to once used a few times, all in all a good little razor.
Review by MikeB / (Posted on 01/08/2018)