Merkur 933C Travel Razor in Leather Case

  • Merkur 933C Travel Razor in Leather Case
  • Four piece razor with removable top plate and base plate
  • Lightweight chrome travel razor with dismantlable
  • Total razor weight 46g, total length 72mm
  • For those who like to travel and prefer portable razors without sacrificing quality
  • Engine turned with knurled chrome plated handle
  • Polished chrome head, collar, and handle
  • Closed comb DE razor head
  • Supplied in black leather travel pouch with pop-stud measuring approx. 57mm x 63mm x 23mm
  • Includes one Merkur platinum coated DE razor blade
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  • Product Description

    Merkur 933C Travel Razor in Leather Case is a chrome plated double edge safety razor perfect for travel. Its polished chrome handle is features fine knurling for enhanced grip and an attractive finish. The razor head and collar are also finished with polished chrome. This is a four piece razor where the top plate and base plate can be separated for easy blade insertion, and the handle breaks down into two pieces. All of the component parts fit neatly into a pop-stud fastened leather travel pouch which fits neatly into any washbag. A smart, stylish, portable razor offering the famous Merkur shave.

    This closed comb razor is ideal for all types of shaver, including beginners.

    Without a blade inserted, the Merkur 933C Travel Razor has a total weight of just 46 grams, offering a lightweight shave with no sacrifice in quality. Fully assembled, the razor length is 72mm.

    Presented in a leather pouch including a single Merkur Super Platinum DE razor blade. 

    Offers a superb shave when paired with the Merkur Super Platinum DE Razor Blades.

    Razor Care

    Most Merkur razors are made of die-cast zinc (top plate, comb) and brass handles. The surfaces are coated in three layers of copper, nickel, chrome.

    Throughout the world, tap water often can often be ‘hard’ – contain a higher concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium which can lead to limescale build-up – and, to some extent, chlorinated. In combination with the often fatty shaving soap residue, the durability of the razor can suffer from contact with these mediums the danger of material corrosion increases.

    This makes regular maintenance very important - using a soft brush to remove light build-up and occasionally degreasing with hair shampoo or washing-up liquid prolongs the lifespan of the metal razor and removes matt spots. Separating, rinsing and drying the component pieces after each shave with also extend the lifetime of the razor.

    How to use

    At the beginning of the 20th century, safety razors with a double edge blade succeeded straight razors as the choice for everyday use. DE razors offer a close and smooth shave and although handling of the open edge requires a bit of practice, it is a skill that can be acquired quickly.

    The safety razor shave is achieved through gentle scraping movements vertically towards the cutting edge. Horizontal movements of the blade should be avoided as they can lead to injuries. The edge of the comb serves to stretch the skin tight, so all whiskers are reached. The weight of the razor facilitates the gliding motion without the need for additional pressure. As with a straight razor, it is optimal to move the blade in a 30° angle to the surface of the skin. It is generally advised to hold the razor close to the head, but different handle lengths and weights allow for experimentation.

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