Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Shaving Brush (Synthetic Silver Tip)

Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory Shaving Brush (Synthetic Silver Tip)
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Made by Edwin Jagger

  • Ideal choice for vegetarian or vegan

  • Perfect for any wet shaver

  • Superior lathering sensation

  • Size option details in More Information below

  • Delivered in Edwin Jagger packaging

Directions for use: After daily use, shaving brushes should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hung to dry in a stand. Use with quality shaving cream or soap.

Do not use with shaving oil.

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Price From: Excl. VAT: £25.00 Incl. VAT: £30.00


Handmade in Sheffield by Edwin Jagger, these excellent quality Imitation Ivory shaving brushes, used with quality shaving cream or soap will create a rich shaving lather.
Made using specially selected polyester material and are hand filled with synthetic Silver Tip fibre which performs very well as an alternative to real badger hair and is ideal for choice for vegetarian or vegan; the feel and quality of the lather and shave will be comparable. Luxurious creamy lathering.
This shaving brush will be delivered in smart Edwin Jagger presentation packaging.

SMALL Overall height 86mm (3.4 inches) Handle height 42mm (1.65 inches) Handle diameter 30mm (1.2 inches) Knot size 19mm.
MEDIUM Overall height 99mm (3.9 inches) Handle height 46mm (1.8 inches) Handle diameter 33mm (1.3 inches) Knot size 21mm
LARGE Overall height 105mm (4.1 inches) Handle height 51mm (2 inches) Handle diameter 36mm (1.4 inches) Knot size 23mm
EXTRA LARGE Overall height 110mm (4.3 inches) Handle height 55mm (2.2 inches) Handle diameter 40mm (1.6 inches) Knot size 25mm

Customer Reviews

Fantastic -Extra Large ivory synthetic shaving brush
If in doubt about buying one- just read the reviews on the internet Shaving Blogs praising this XL brush. One loading of lather of soap or cream is enough for 3 passes without having to keep going back to the puck.
Review by Peter / (Posted on 01/03/2020)
My first synthetic brush. No need to look for another.
I've owned four brushes: The cheap Wilkinsons Sword, a boar brush from China, a small badger brush and a larger pure badger. This brush beats them all.

I was happy with my badger brush until it started losing hair (and not yet a year old). All of the other brushes I've owned lost hair too, with bristles mainly snapping off at the base. This could be down to my lathering technique, since one is supposed to paint lather onto the face rather than my preferred method of swirling it about any old way.

Buying a synthetic brush felt a bit like giving in, but since I had mucked up some badger brushes I thought I should give it a try. Some online research confirmed that synthetic brushes have come a long way in the last couple of years, and I narrowed my choice down to this one based on good reviews elsewhere. The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but there you go.

Bearing in mind that I'd found my small badger brush unusable due to its size, I ordered the extra large version of this brush. Having used it I could easily have gone a size down - read on for why.

The brush has bristles that are thinner at one end than the other. This has the effect of being super silky on the face but provided a surprisingly stiff backbone (I was worried the brush would prove too floppy, a reason for ordering the extra large). The bristles whip up lather wonderfully and hold more than enough water to generate it, in fact I'd advise giving the brush a good shake to get rid of almost all of the water before lathering up with a hard soap; Creams may require other treatment, I don't know. Because of the backbone I naturally have to use the brush as intended, painting lather on the face. Attempting to use it to swirl lather around on the face feels very uncomfortable. I can't see the synthetic hair breaking like a natural product, which it the main reason I bought it, but not the reason I'll happily stay with it. As far as I'm concerned my search for the perfect brush is over.

It lost one hair the first time I tried it, and none in the three weeks since then.

I really can't recommend this brush highly enough. I hope it last for many years, and I can't see why it shouldn't.
Review by Hairy biker / (Posted on 14/09/2018)
Beautiful brush
Beautiful brush. Produces abundant lather.
Dries very quickly as it's synthetic.
Review by prye / (Posted on 01/06/2017)
Great Brush

I've always used natural fibre brush in the past, so this was my first synthetic brush. I hasn't disappointed. Performs well, great for travel as it dries quickly. All round a must have brush for any collection.
Review by Terrier / (Posted on 14/02/2017)