Edwin Jagger Black Brush Drip Stand (Large)

Edwin Jagger Black Brush Drip Stand (Large)
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  • Edwin Jagger Black Brush Drip Stand (Large)

  • Made in Sheffield

  • Fits large brushes (23mm bundles)

  • Central opening diameter: 27mm

  • Brushes sit snugly in the centre

  • Height: 75mm

  • Free standing or can stick to vertical surface using adhesive pad on back

  • Fits most brands of large shaving brush

  • Increases shaving brush longevity


Edwin Jagger is Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury handmade shaving equipment. Edwin Jagger products are crafted and hand assembled in Sheffield England, a city known for its rich industrial history. The Edwin Jagger Black Brush Drip Stand (Large) is a handy shaving brush stand, designed to fit large models of shaving brush.

This convenient polyester stand is an inexpensive way to hang your brush to allow the hair to dry thoroughly. It will comfortably fit shaving brushes that have large bundles (23mm).

The stand is designed with a central opening that allows the shaving brush to slot in and sit snugly in the centre. The opening has a diameter of approximately 27mm, allowing large brushes to sit just above with the bundle pointing downwards to allow any remaining moisture to drip off.

The stand has a height of approximately 75mm.

The stand has been designed with Edwin Jagger’s range of shaving brush models in mind, but brushes that meet the aforementioned measurements from any shaving brand are likely to fit.

This item is free standing or can be stuck to a vertical surface using the adhesive pad that can be found on the back.

After shaving, rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in clean and hot water, flick away any excess, and hang the brush on the stand with the hair pointing down. Hanging shaving brushes in a drip stand between use will help the brush to remain clean and dry, increasing the longevity of the product. If your brush has a build-up of soap, soak it in a solution of borax or borax substitute.

If you’re looking for a stand to fit a shaving brush with a small bundle (19mm) or medium bundle (21mm) please see the Edwin Jagger Black Brush Drip Stand (Small).

Customer Reviews

Perfect price for the perfect stand!
Perfect fit for my Simpsons T2 Trafalgar Synthetic!
Review by Will / (Posted on 03/09/2020)
Great product

Another one to my collection I've over 10 brushes and they all need a place to sit
Review by Colin / (Posted on 08/01/2020)