Edwin Jagger 3pc Chatsworth Barley Set (Fusion)

Edwin Jagger 3pc Chatsworth Barley Set (Fusion)
Product Code: 3PCCBAF
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This handmade set comprises:

  • Chatsworth Barley Chrome Gillette Fusion razor

  • Choice of matching shaving brush

  • Double Wire stand

  • One Gillette Fusion blade

  • FREE shaving preparation sample

Product Code: 3PCCBAF


Edwin Jagger 3pc Chatsworth Barley Set (Fusion). This is a truly luxurious wet shaving set. The Gillette Fusion blade system has five cutting blades and integral lubricating strips. As such it is ensures a very accurate, close, comfortable and very safe shaving method for all ages. Gillette Fusion and Fusion Proglide blades are easy to purchase from most supermarkets and pharmacy shops.

Edwin Jagger, Europe's leading manufacturer of finest hand made shaving equipment, has combined modern manufacturing technology and traditional Sheffield hand skills to produce the traditionally shaped, all metal Chatsworth Barley Range. Machined from solid brass, hand polished and triple plated with copper, nickel and blue white chrome these items are all hand assembled and finished. The decorative barley patterning further accentuates the handle shape and adds wet grip.

The matching razor and hand filled shaving brush fit together in a smart double wire stand. Choice of three shaving brush fills available. The set is delivered with a Free shaving preparation sample.

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