D R Harris Marlborough Aftershave 100ml

D R Harris Marlborough Aftershave 100ml
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  • D R Harris Marlborough Aftershave 100ml

  • Refreshing and simulating aftershave

  • Subtle and refreshing scent

  • Revives skin post-shave

  • Awakens senses

  • Fragrance a pleasant mixture of cedar and sandalwood

  • 100ml glass bottle

  • Screw top lid for ease of use

  • Thick cardboard box to protect during transit



Founded in 1790, D. R. Harris have been specialising in the creation of traditional gentlemen’s grooming products in London ever since. The D R Harris Marlborough Aftershave 100ml is a refreshing and stimulating aftershave fragrance.

The D R Harris range of aftershave fragrances are designed to be subtle and refreshing scents, working to revive skin post-shave. The contents will awaken but not overwhelm the senses.

This product will leave skin feeling soothed, without any hint of greasiness. Due to the subtle nature of this aftershave, it is suitable for everyday use and is appropriate to wear for formal events or during informal daily routines alike.

The fragrance of the D. R. Harris Marlborough Aftershave is a subtle and appealing blend of woods, including cedar and sandalwood. It carries a lighter scent than the D R Harris Sandalwood range.

This product pairs particularly well with D R Harris Marlborough Shaving Cream, offering a pleasing shave from start to finish.

The product is packaged in a 100ml glass bottle with a screw top lid for ease of use. This gives it a simple and classic appearance. It is placed in a thick cardboard container to protect it during transit. All elements of the packaging are branded with the official D. R. Harris logo for authenticity.

For best results, apply splashes of the aftershave to pulse points and the back of the neck. A small amount can be splashed upon the hair for an extra long-lasting fragrance.

D. R. Harris are known for their exceptionally high-quality products, a trait which has led to them having the honour of being the royal chemist supplier to Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Phillip.

D. R. Harris customers are those who appreciate quality and distinction.