Captain Fawcett's Shaving Soap & Wooden Bowl 110g

Captain Fawcett's Shaving Soap & Wooden Bowl 110g
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  • Captain Fawcett's Shaving Soap 110g

  • Presented in smart, wooden bowl

  • or, soap refill in cardboard carton

  • Use with a shaving brush

  • Empire made


Captain Fawcett's preferred Shaving Soap, is an exquisitely fragranced Gentleman's shaving soap supplied in an elegant hand crafted wooded bowl. Delight in the fresh top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin that yield to an exotic blend of Cardamom, Tonka bean, resplendent against a backdrop of Lavender and Vanilla.

Soap British made, wooden bowl crafted in India.

Replacement soap refills also available.

Customer Reviews

Top quality product produce great lather
This soap is great. Wooden bowl looks and feels solid. The scent is nice and freshy, with strong mandarin notes. The soap produce rich lather very quick.
Definitely one of the tops I had a pleasure to use.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 03/11/2020)
This is a top quality soap producing a rich, cushioning lather.
I only brought this soap because one of the Captain Fawcett videos appeared in my youTube feed and I was amused by their whimsical sense of humour. I've not really come across anyone on the shaving forums raving about this soap; which is surprising as I think this is a top notch soap right up there with MWF and D.R. Harris soaps.

The scent is described as having "top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin". I expected a country fragrance as something you might encounter strolling through the woods. But this is more like a cologne, the sort of scent you'd walk past on the ground floor of Selfridges. Scents are subject but I really like this soap's heavier barber shop smell.

And if you interested in the aesthetic aspects don't be misled by the picture. The lid is adorned with a substantial medallion/plaque with the Captain Fawcett logo and name. I'm sure it's only plastic but it looks like solid metal. This is a pretty impressive looking dish that could easily be left on display in your bathroom (unfortunately I keep mine shut away in a cupboard!)
Review by Andy / (Posted on 27/09/2020)