Boker Black Barberette

Boker Black Barberette
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  • Boker Black Barberette

  • Replaceable blade cut-throat style razor

  • Combines benefits of a straight razor with convenience of a safety razor

  • Stainless steel blade receptacle

  • Moisture resistant black synthetic handle with nickel silver Boker tree inlay

  • Non-slip grooved grip for safe and sturdy handling

  • Compatible with normal DE blades, or longer shavette specific blades

  • Weighs 28g without blade inserted

  • Supplied in historical packaging with one DE razor blade and replacement blade holder

  • Item number 140901

  • Handmade in Solingen, Germany


The Boker Black Barberette stylishly unifies the benefits of a forged straight razor with the convenience of a safety razor. The handling is comparable to that of a straight razor, but there is no need to clean and strop it as the replaceable razor blades can simply be changed.

This Boker Barberette Black model impresses with its unbeatable price/performance ratio and its refined look. The stylish Boker tree inlay made from nickel silver is inserted by hand into the synthetic handle.

The Boker shavettes have the same geometry and size of their forged straight razors. Thanks to the grooved synthetic surface, it provides a safe grip for the fingers at all times. The blade receptacle is made from stainless steel and moisture resistant synthetic material designed for use with standard DE razor blades or the longer shavette specific blades. Delivered in historical packaging including one double edge razor blade and replacement blade holder.

 The newly designed Boker interchangeable blade straight razor is not only very popular among wet shaving fans, travellers, and hair care professionals, but is also found in bathrooms at home as a low maintenance, comfortable, and versatile shaving companion.

Care Instructions 

Following a few cleaning and care tips will ensure you enjoy your classic straight razor for a long time.


After every use, carefully rinse the straight razor under running warm water, clean with a damp cloth if necessary, them immediately dry with a dry cloth. Letting shaving foam or soap rest on a blade for too long can lead to the formation of stains and in extreme cases to corrosion. In order to prevent cuts, please always wipe the barberette from the spine to the edge.

Changing the blades:

The effort of sharpening and stropping is not necessary with the barberette as the removable blades can be exchanged easily. Simply pull the insert holder gently out of the blade carrier and open. Before inserting, double edge razor blades must be carefully broken into two halves lengthways. For safety, this can be done while the blade is still wrapped in its wax paper. Insert the blade into the insert holder and return to the blade carrier.

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Customer Reviews

Boker barberette
I am delighted with the performance it looks well made. The inserts work fine a neat fit to start but just need to be put into it a few times to make it easier. Hopefully spares will be come available due to being plastic their life span may not be as long as you would hope for. I think the dovo inserts might fit
Review by Gordon / (Posted on 06/03/2020)