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Shaving creams are one of the most important aspects of the wet shaver’s setup. As such, we've put together a comprehensive selection of shaving creams sourced from around the world. A good shaving cream coats and softens thick and wiry facial hair, making it easier for the razor blade to slice through them. It should also lubricate and protect the face, allowing the razor to glide smoothly without causing irritation. Finally, the best shaving creams offer superb moisturising properties and do not leave your skin feeling dry after a shave.

The shaving creams here at The English Shaving Company come from suppliers around the world. We’ve well-established British apothecary style brands like Geo F Trumper and Taylor Of Old Bond Street, Italian barbershop inspired offerings from Antica Barbieria Colla and Tcheon Fung Sing, interesting artisanal shaving creams from producers like Extro and Tabula Rasa, plus many more besides.

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TFS Figaro Monsieur Gold Shaving Soap
TFS Figaro Monsieur Gold Shaving Soap
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£7.99 £6.66
Tcheon Fung Sing Mattino Shaving Soap
Tcheon Fung Sing Mattino Shaving Soap 100ml
In stock
£11.00 £9.17
Tcheon Fung Sing Pomeriggio Shaving Soap 100ml
Tcheon Fung Sing Stupefacente Shaving Soap
Tcheon Fung Sing Granducato Toscano Shaving Soap
Tcheon Fung Sing Hercules Shaving Soap
Tcheon Fung Sing Uncle Walter Shaving Soap 150ml
Tcheon Fung Sing Farinik Shaving Soap
Captain Fawcett's Expedition Reserve Shaving Cream
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Tube 75ml
Muhle Shaving Cream Tube Sandalwood
Muhle Shaving Cream Tube Aloe Vera
Taylor of Old Bond Street Coconut Shaving Cream (150g Tub)
Proraso Vintage Selection Tin - Sensitive
Proraso Vintage Selection Tin (Sensitive)
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Proraso Vintage Selection Tin - Refreshing
Arran Lochranza Shave Cream Tube (100ml)
Arran Lochranza Shave Gel Tube (100ml)
Arran Machrie Shave Gel Tube (100ml)
Arran Machrie Shave Gel Tube 100ml
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Arran Machrie Shave Cream Tube 100ml
Clubman Pinaud Classic Barber Shave Cream 453ml
Clubman Pinaud Shave Lather 177ml
Clubman Pinaud Shave Lather 177ml
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Many of the shaving cream products we sell are free from paraben preservatives and mineral oils and are therefore kinder to the skin and the environment. They produce wonderfully rich shaving lathers, are subtlety fragranced, and ideal for daily use.


Expertly formulated shaving creams are economical to use and, with a good shaving brush and quality razor, result in an excellent close wet shave and post shave facial comfort. You’ll be amazed at the difference between a proper shaving cream and the canned goop you find on the supermarket shelves.


Shaving creams tend to come in either a tube or a tub. Tubes are great for travelling as they slide neatly into your washbag, whereas some shaving cream tubs are large enough for you to start the lather directly in them. If you prefer to load the brush and lather in a separate bowl, you can view our range of shaving bowls and mugs here.


Although some shaving creams can be used without a shaving brush, we would really recommend using a quality shaving brush in order to generate a thick and creamy lather and prolong the lifespan of your shaving cream.