Muhle Rytmo High-Grade Black Resin Safety Razor and Pure Badger 3 Piece Set

Muhle Rytmo High-Grade Black Resin Safety Razor and Pure Badger 3 Piece Set
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  • Muhle Rytmo High-Grade Black Resin Safety Razor and Pure Badger 3 Piece Set

  • Polished, chunky black handles

  • Pure Badger Shaving Brush

  • Closed Comb Safety Razor

  • Chrome-plated Metal Stand

  • Create the perfect shave daily with Muhle


German design is respected the world over for its bold yet minimalist approach, its marriage of tradition with the modern, sometimes the futuristic. And in the world of wet shaving, no one exemplifies this more than Muhle.

Founded in 1945 and originally a shaving brush maker, the company is still family-owned and at the forefront of wet shaving and razor production in the present day. You will find a Pure Badger hair brush in this set, alongside a razor and stand, all three items masterfully designed and part of the Rytmo range.

The aesthetic of Rytmo is a smooth cone shaped form, on the chunky and heavy side for those who like a more substantial handle. It’s both calming to use and look at.

The DE safety razor features Muhle’s exquisite closed comb head, guaranteeing a close but comfortable shave. It will fit all brands of DE blades, making a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic razors. Pure Badger brushes are the entry-level grade and recommended for those who prefer a strong massage type effect on the skin, due to their thickness. They of course still retain their natural softness and flexibility, making them perfect for creating a luscious, creamy lather and applying to the face.

For this High-Grade Black Resin set, each handle is turned from solid rods of resin. The piece is then polished many times over to give it a soft gleam, perfectly accentuated by the chrome.

The shining chrome plated stand provides the perfect home for your two new tools, allowing you to dry them easily and keep them away from any potentially unhygienic surfaces. The set will also look great while you do this.

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