Beard Oils

So, you’re wondering to yourself, do I really need beard oil? Yes you do and once you start to recognise the benefits of using it, you’ll never turn back. 

So, what is beard oil? Beard oil is a specially formulated serum that can be applied to your beard or any other facial hair, to soften, tame it and hydrate it. Think about it like this - your facial hair is a lot coarser than the hair on your head, so it requires a little more TLC. 

Beard oil works wonders for your facial hair, regardless of the style, texture or length. Not only does it nourish your beard, making it easier to style, your once coarse facial hair will be considerably softer and more fragrant.

Geo F Trumper Limes Beard Oil 100ml Travel Bottle
Geo F Trumper Limes Beard Oil 100ml
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Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate Conditioning Beard Oil 50ml
Captain Fawcett's Beard Oil Booze & Baccy 10ml
Captain Fawcett's Beard Oil Private Stock (10ml or 50ml)
Proraso Beard Oil Wood and Spice 30ml
Proraso Wood and Spice Beard Oil 30ml
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Struggling to grow your beard? Using natural beard oil will not only keep your beard hydrated but stimulate growth too. At The English Shaving Company, we have the best beard oils for growth and thickness.

The skin underneath your beard will also feel the benefits, keeping it soft and refreshed, preventing any irritation. 

That’s why, at The English Shaving Company, we stock the best beard oils to suit every budget and style. Browse our range of luxurious oils below to find the perfect match for your beard. 

If you need any more help with your beard, visit our handy blog to read up on some other ways you can give your facial hair that little bit of extra TLC.




Why should I use beard oil?

Using beard oil is extremely beneficial for your facial hair. Beard oil helps you achieve a more manageable and nourished look. 

It’s also effective for moisturising the skin underneath your beard and preventing irritation. Not only will beard oil leave your facial hair looking fuller, it will promote growth too. So, if you’re struggling with sparse facial hair or irritation, beard oil is highly recommended. If you're not experiencing either of those, you should still consider using beard oil as part of your beard care routine to keep your facial hair healthy and prevent any issues occuring.

Should I use beard oil everyday?

At The English Shaving Company, we highly recommend you use 3-6 drops of beard oil as part of your daily care routine. Remember less is more and you’ll eventually get a good idea of how much oil your beard needs.

If you’re not using beard oil regularly, your beard will become dry resulting in beard itch and soreness. However, you don’t have to use it every day if your beard is already quite nourished, you’ll still notice the benefits if you use beard oil every other day, or as needed. 

If your beard is particularly dry or longer in length, you may need to apply it more often. How often you use beard oil depends on the condition of your beard and your particular lifestyle.