A Round-up of the Best Double Edge Safety Razors

Shaving with a safety razor is not only a great way to honour traditional shaving methods, but it also has a vast range of benefits for your skin, the quality of your shave and your bank balance. For good reason, double edge safety razors were used by men for decades before cartridge razors with disposable blades came into play. The single sharp blade allows you to achieve a comfortable, close shave while eliminating post-shave skin irritation. So, which is the best double edge safety razor? 

Finding a razor that works for you can make your daily shave a rewarding, enjoyable and relaxing experience, but there is such a large range of quality double edge safety razors on the market that it can leave you spoilt for choice. The English Shaving Company has rounded up the most popular and well-reviewed DE safety razors for you.


Our Round-Up of the Best DE Safety Razors and Brands


Best DE Safety Razor for Beginners & Sensitive Skin

Edwin Jagger DE89 Closed Comb Knurled DE Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89 Chrome Knurled DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb)

Edwin Jagger is currently a big player in the wet shaving world, and rightly so. As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe when it comes to shaving equipment, it is famous for the sheer quality and variety of razors offered. Each razor is hand-assembled using high-grade materials in England’s 'Steel City', Sheffield.

A particularly popular Edwin Jagger DE safety razor is the knurled version of the DE89 model, a highly versatile closed comb razor that receives glowing reviews from customers of all hair types and wet shaving experience. The closed comb razor head has a safety bar that makes for a less aggressive shave by leaving less of the blade exposed to the skin. You can still achieve a close shave but with less risk of nicks or cuts to the skin, making it the best DE safety razor option for beginners or those with sensitive skin. You can maintain excellent control over the blade with minimal effort or experience involved. 

While the closed comb head makes the DE89 ideal for beginners, Edwin Jagger’s chrome razors are also highly popular among the more experienced wet shaving community. It’s a razor to suit shavers of all levels, whether this is your first safety razor or a new addition to your collection. The chrome-plated knurled handle not only looks luxurious on your bathroom shelf but also provides increased grip when shaving — perfect for those still learning and honing their technique or for experienced shavers looking for a razor that’s quick and simple to use. 

All in all, the Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor is a perfect choice for those that want to invest in something that gives minimal irritation and is a nicely weighted razor to maintain solid grip and control.

BUY NOW - £31 


Best DE Safety Razor for Experienced Shavers

Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Knurled DE Safety Razor
Next up is another Edwin Jagger favourite, the 3ONE6. Named after the 316 grade of stainless steel forged in Sheffield, the 3ONE6 model is the first-ever commercial stainless-steel razor to be manufactured in Sheffield itself. All the razor features are designed and tested to make this a high-performance razor for those looking to level up and perfect their technique. 

The razor head has a ridged skin guard that pulls the skin taut as it glides, providing the blade with a flat and uniform surface to glide along, allowing it to slice through your facial hair with ease. We recommend the 3ONE6 for more experienced shavers looking for a slightly more aggressive shave with a precision head.

The stainless steel 3ONE6 razor comes in a range of unique finishes and colours with knurled, gunmetal and coloured anodised aluminium handle options. These are all compatible with any standard DE razor blade. 

BUY NOW - £92 


Best Adjustable DE Safety Razor

Rockwell 6S Adjustable DE Safety Razor

Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor

For those who aren’t quite sure how aggressive or close they want their shave to be, or those who want to retain greater control of this aspect, the Rockwell 6S is perhaps the best adjustable DE safety razor for you. Despite Rockwell products being on the pricier side, this Canadian brand offers a range of popular, high-quality, weighty razors that are manufactured with care. The robust, stainless-steel 6S is made to last you a lifetime and survive common mistakes like being dropped. 

With the Rockwell 6S, you essentially get multiple DE safety razors in one. You can swap the three base plates to suit your current hair thickness or the area you’re shaving, making the shave as comfortable and efficient as possible. The 6S is also nicely weighted with a knurled handle for a firm grip, allowing it to do the work as it glides over the skin. 

BUY NOW - £89 


Best Open Comb DE Razor

Muhle R41 Open Comb DE Safety Razor

Muhle R41 Chrome DE Razor (Open Comb) 

Muhle is the leading manufacturer of DE safety razors in Germany, offering a range of high-quality closed comb and open comb razors. The Muhle R41 is the ideal choice for those who have perfected their wet shaving technique and are ready for a more aggressive shave. Open comb razors have a more exposed blade to get closer to the skin and achieve an impeccably close shave, making them ideal for those with coarser hair or those ready to develop their wet shaving skills. 

The English Shaving Company stocks a range of Muhle DE open and closed comb razor models ranging from an affordable £35 up to £125 — everything to suit your budget and experience level. Investing in a high-quality, carefully manufactured and rust-proof safety razor can be far more cost-effective long term than opting for disposable options, many of which are single use. All Muhle razors are compatible with any standard DE blade and come with a Muhle blade included to get you started.

BUY NOW - £35 


Best Long Handle DE Razor

Merkur Progress Long Handle Adjustable DE Safety Razor

Merkur Progress Long Handle DE Safety Razor (Adjustable)
Dovo Merkur is another longstanding German brand in the shaving industry, popular and well-reviewed for its high-quality products. The Merkur Progress model is a suitable option for those who prefer a long-handled razor to provide extra grip when shaving. Similar to the Rockwell 6S, it’s also adjustable, so you can alter the blade gap and therefore your skin’s exposure to the blade to suit your experience, skin and hair type as needed, except this razor uses a simple dial mechanism instead of interchangeable heads.

BUY NOW - £52 

If you don't need an adjustable DE safety razor, the Merkur 23C is another excellent choice, offering a closed comb head suitable for beginners and a long, lightweight knurled handle for extra grip and control. In addition to open comb and closed comb double edge safety razors, Merkur’s range of shaving equipment includes moustache razors, adjustable razors and long handle razors. However, if it’s quality you’re after, the finish of Edwin Jagger and Muhle razors are unmatched. 

BUY NOW - £29.50


Best Affordable Butterfly Safety Razor

Parker 29L Butterfly Mechanism DE Safety Razor

Parker 29L DE Safety Razor (Butterfly Mechanism) 

If you’ve been doing your research but haven’t yet found a razor within your price range, Parker offers the best affordable DE safety razors on the market. Parker DE safety razors are far more economical than other brands like Edwin Jagger and Muhle, with prices ranging from £20 to £50; this doesn’t mean they compromise on the quality of the shave though. Parker has been a leader in the design and manufacture of safety razors since 1973, and their razors are built using chrome-plated brass that can last for decades with the right care. 

As well as providing several stunning and colourful open and closed comb options, Parker is also one of few brands that still manufacture butterfly mechanism safety razors. The Parker 29L is one of the best butterfly razors to choose from, with the traditional twist mechanism allowing you to replace and clean your blades easily. Butterfly razors are harder to come by in the modern wet shaving world. However, they can be just right for those who struggle to replace blades and keep them free of hair and bacteria, while also providing a timeless and vintage feel to your shaving routine.

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Buying Factors to Consider

Now you know our favourites and recommendations, you can do your research and shop around to find a razor that slots into your routine and is perfect for your skin and hair type. It’s up to you how much time and effort you’d like to invest in shaving each day, and the endless shaving tools at your disposal means you can find the best DE razor to indulge this. Shaving is a part of every grooming routine that you can completely tailor to suit your lifestyle, priorities and budget. Everyone’s routine is different, so it’s important to find what works best for you. 

There are several key factors to consider when exploring your options and finding your perfect razor:

  • Quality and aggression of shave
  • Reliability
  • Material and style or finish
  • Comfort 
  • Adjustability and ease of use 
  • Price

Finding the Best Double Edge Safety Razor for you

The English Shaving Company is the leading supplier of high-quality wet shaving equipment across the UK and worldwide, offering a range of DE safety razors. Whether you’re looking for an affordable, adjustable, long-handled, open or closed comb or a traditional butterfly option, you can browse our range of DE safety razors by brand, finish or price to find the right choice for you, based on your hair type, daily routine, shaving experience and personal preferences. Alternatively, get in touch with the team to find out more about our range and benefit from our shaving expertise. 

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