Launched in 1932, Feather was the first Japanese company to make replaceable blade razors and still manufactures all its products from its factories in Japan without relying on overseas production. This premium brand is renowned for its extra-sharp blades that provide an incredibly close shave, making them ideal for wet shavers with tough or coarse stubble. Benefitting from high-grade materials and precision engineering, Feather is also a trusted favourite in professional fields such as medical care, hairdressing and beauty.

Feather Blade Disposal Case/Tin
Feather New Hi-Stainless DE Razor Blades (10 Pack)
Feather Artist Club Pro Super Blades
Feather Artist Club SS Shavette Razor (Black)
Feather All Stainless AS-D2 DE Razor and Stand
Feather Artist Club DX Shavette Razor

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