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Traditional shaving brushes are filled with badger hair but shaving brushes filled with synthetic fibres have seen a boost in popularity lately as more and more wet shavers turn to using vegan alternatives. Recent technological advancements have made it possible to get the same rich and luxurious lather and delicate touch from purely synthetic fibres. These brushes also dry quicker, last longer, smell better and are suitable for all skin types. For an effective animal-free alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality, there’s no better option than one of our vegan shaving brushes.

Kent Medium Synthetic Black Shaving Brush
Kent Medium Synthetic Ivory White Shaving Brush
Kent Large Synthetic Black Shaving Brush
Kent Large Synthetic Ivory White Shaving Brush
Kent Extra Large Synthetic Black Shaving Brush
Nom Theo Dark Ash Shaving Brush (Black Synthetic)

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If you’ve been wet shaving for some time, you’ll most likely know your Best Badger from your Silver Tip. But have you discovered the incredible performance of synthetic shaving brushes? Committed to providing cruelty-free shaving products that everyone can enjoy, The English Shaving Company is proud to stock the latest vegan shaving brushes from Edwin JaggerKentMuhle and more.


You may be asking yourself what are the benefits of using a synthetic shaving brush? Is it as good or even better than using a badger shaving brush? Well for starters, there’s the matter of ethics. Badger hair is sourced from special badger farms, mostly in China. PETA has published reports that highlight the inhumane conditions, illegal practices and animal cruelty that are prevalent in some badger farms, leading many traditional shavers to reject badger shaving brushes, even if they are not vegan themselves. 


However, many people are still not convinced that vegan alternatives are up to scratch and only want the best-quality brush, regardless of its origins. Fortunately, vegans and animal lovers no longer need to settle for less. Synthetic Silver Tip shaving brushes from Edwin Jagger are designed to rival the superior performance of the very best animal shaving brushes with purely manmade fibres. Thousands of untrimmed ends are precisely arranged in a firm knot to provide an exquisite lathering sensation, with some shavers comparing it to a sensual massage on the face.


There are even several reasons why vegan shaving brushes are better than badger shaving brushes. While the knot is tied to effectively trap in moisture and heat, the artificial fibres are unable to absorb any of the water so the bristles dry in no time at all. Compare this to badger hair—particularly less expensive grades—which absorb water and need to be dried and stored properly to avoid damage. Even if you take care and hang your shaving brush in a brush stand, there’s still a chance the bristles will begin to smell of damp fur and wear over time. Designed to last, you could be shaving with the same synthetic shaving brush for the rest of your life.


And if you think you have to pay above the odds for a vegan alternative, you’d be wrong. It is much easier to mass produce artificial fibres than it is to harvest animal hair, so most of our synthetic shaving brushes are considerably cheaper than badger bushes of the same quality. It really is a no-brainer: vegan shaving brushes are kind to your skin, the planet and your bank balance.