Beard & Moustache Washes

We wash our faces everyday, but why do we not take particular care when it comes to our facial hair? 

At The English Shaving Company, we offer an extensive collection of beard and moustache shampoos, from soothing bars to specialised washes. 

Do you massage in excess hair shampoo and simply make do? 

Beard and moustache washes should be a top priority when it comes to beard care and maintenance. That’s why we’ve created a complete range of men’s beard care products including beard shampoo and conditioner, beard waxes, beard balms, beard oils and beard care kits. 

Bulldog Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml
Muhle Beard Shampoo 200ml
Muhle Beard Shampoo 200ml
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Proraso Beard Care Tin (Wood & Spice)
Clubman Pinaud Beard & Body Wash
Captain Fawcett’s Beer’d Shampoo 250ml
Morgan's Beard Wash
Morgan's Beard Wash 100ml
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RRP €9.93
Proraso Beard Wash Wood and Spice 200ml
Geo F Trumper Limes Beard Wash 100ml Travel Bottle

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Your beard can often become dry and itchy, so washing it properly is essential. All of our shampoos are specially designed with moisturizing properties to ensure your beard and moustache are looking and feeling revitalized. 

We recommend you wash your beard twice a week using our special formula. Be careful to not wash your beard too much as you may strip away natural oils, potentially damaging it. 

When washing your beard you should use a mild wash. Our shampoos are formulated to gently cleanse your facial hair without completely stripping away your beard’s natural oils. 

Once you’ve finished washing your beard and moustache, gently pat dry and apply our luxurious beard oil. This will lock in moisture, keeping your beard happy, healthy and hydrated! 

At The English Shaving Company, we stock the best beard shampoo. To find the best product for your beard and moustache, view our collection of luxurious and affordable washes. 

If you need more help on how to take care of a dry beard, read our useful guide here




What is a beard wash?

Beard wash is a specially designed shampoo for your facial hair that softens and cleanses both your beard and the skin underneath to prevent irritation. 

Beard washes are mild shampoos that don’t strip away natural oils like regular hair shampoos do. Although you may find shampoos that don't include harmful chemicals - they’re designed for your scalp and not for your face. So, beard washes are the best way to care for your facial hair. 

Why do I need a beard shampoo?

Beards often collect dirt, even food as they’re in close proximity to your mouth. It’s important to wash your beard regularly. 

Your facial hair can become dry and itchy, to prevent irritation, use a beard shampoo. 

Beard shampoos are extremely beneficial as they keep your facial hair clean and fresh. To prevent irritation and build up, washing your beard every 2-3 days is essential. 

Can I use shampoo on my beard?

No. Shampoo contains harmful chemicals that can strip away natural beard oils. 

Beard washes are mild shampoos that keep all of your natural oils intact and work to soften and prevent irritation. 

We highly recommend you use beard washes instead of hair shampoo on your facial hair to prevent damage and keep your beard fresh and soft.